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1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar Roll Brilliant Uncirculated - BU (20 Coins)

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1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar Roll Brilliant Uncirculated - BU (20 Coins)

Minted in Denver, the 1964-D Kennedy half dollar was hoarded by the general public following the death of President Kennedy. It contained 90% pure silver, which was higher than in other years.

Although minted into the millions, the 1964 Denver coins are rarer than similar coins struck at the Philadelphia Mint. Almost half as many coins were struck in Denver in 1964 than in Philadelphia, making the coins value slightly higher.

This set contains twenty 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars in brilliant uncirculated condition. Coins that have been minted in Denver have a D on the reverse underneath the eagle's foot. 

1964-D Kennedy half dollar history

The Kennedy Half Dollar was first minted in 1964, months after President Kennedy was shot dead. The American nation was in mourning, and it was decided that the Franklin half dollar should be redesigned to create a coin in remembrance to the fallen leader. The coin was designed by Gilroy Roberts, a portrait of J.F Kennedy on the obverse. The coin's reverse was designed by Frank Gasparro and featured a heraldic eagle, which was based on the Great Seal of the United States. The coin's diameter is 30.6 mm, and it has a reeded edge.

In 1964 the Kennedy half dollar was struck using 90% silver and 10% copper. The percentage of silver used in the coins decreased in the following years due to an increase in silver prices. In 1964, 156,205,446 coins were minted at the Denver mint. This was a high number compared with the following years. 

How much is a Kennedy half dollar worth?

The Kennedy half dollar value depends on its condition, year of issue, and mint marks. The 1964-D Kennedy half dollar is valued at approximately $15, while coins from other years are worth $3 to $7.