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$3 Gold Coins

The Indian Princess Head $3 gold coin is the only United States coin to have a face value of three dollars. It was minted from 1854-1889, and its primary purpose was to match the cost of postage stamps. This coin was designed by James B. Longacre, the obverse design consists of a left-facing Liberty wearing a Native American Indian headdress. The reverse of the coin reads “3 DOLLARS” and the mintage year. This coin did not do that well in circulation and was discontinued after the civil war. 

Indian Princess $3 Gold Coin Value

Although the Indian Princess Head gold coin didn’t do that well in circulation, it is loved amongst collectors today. This coin also did not have a high number of minted coins. This means that this coin as a whole is rare no matter the year. The key dates of this coin include 1854-D, 1855-D, and 1877.  There is also the 1870-S Indian Head $3 Gold coin which many people believe there is only one in existence. 

Where to get Indian Princess Head Gold Coins   

You can get your Indian Princess Head $3 Gold coins at Bullion Shark. Most collectors buy this particular coin certified by either PCGS or NGC. The best way to get one of these coins is to call our team of numismatic experts at 516-739-5822 or purchase on our website. 


$3 Gold Coins