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The Seated Liberty Dollar represents a pivotal era in American numismatics, embodying the nation's growth and the evolution of its coinage designs during the 19th century. Minted from 1840 to 1873, this silver dollar features the iconic figure of Liberty seated on a rock, an emblematic design that graced various denominations of U.S. coinage throughout the mid-1800s. The Seated Liberty Dollar is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of the United States Mint during a period of significant historical developments and technological advancements in minting processes.

Seated Liberty Dollar Design

Designed by Christian Gobrecht, the Seated Liberty Dollar showcases Liberty in a flowing dress, holding a pole with a liberty cap in one hand and a shield inscribed with the word "LIBERTY" in the other, symbolizing freedom and the nation's defense of it. The reverse design features an eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch, representing the United States' commitment to peace and readiness for war. This design reflects the classical influences prevalent in American art and culture at the time.

The Seated Liberty Dollar was produced at various U.S. Mint branches, including Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Carson City, making it a series with a wide range of mint marks and varieties. Collectors particularly value the series for its historical significance, the beauty of its design, and the challenges it presents in assembling a complete set, given the modifications made to the design over its thirty-three-year production run. These modifications included the addition of the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" on the reverse in 1866, reflecting the growing religious sentiment during and after the Civil War.

Seated Liberty Dollar Key Dates

Key dates and rarities within the Seated Liberty Dollar series include the 1846 small date, the 1851 and 1852 issues (which saw extremely low mintages), and the 1870-S, of which only nine examples are known to exist. The series also includes the Gobrecht Dollars, pattern coins struck from 1836 to 1839, which are considered by many collectors to be a part of the Seated Liberty series due to their similar design.

The Seated Liberty Dollar holds a special place in the hearts of numismatists and historians alike, offering a window into the past and a piece of the legacy of American coinage. Its intricate design and historical context make it a highly desirable series for collectors, representing a period of American history marked by expansion, conflict, and a deepening sense of national identity.


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Seated Liberty Dollar Coins FAQ

Christian Gobrecht.
26.73 grams consisting of 90% silver and 10% copper.
Philadelphia, New Orleans, Carson city and San Fansisco.
1870-S This coin's price range starts in the hundreds of thousands and goes into the millions.
2 types.