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Liberty Head Nickels

The Liberty Head nickel or which is more commonly referred to as the V nickel. This is because of the large “V”  that is on its reverse. The “v” is actually the Roma numeral value of five. The V nickel was minted from 1883-1913 and replaced the Shield nickel. The V nickel’s design consists of a left-facing head of liberty, and the reverse states the face value of the coin in its roman numeral. The coin was design by int engraver Charles Barber.

V Nickel Value

The V nickel is extremely popular amongst collectors. They are an old and rare breed of cons, so the well kept coins have a much higher value then some might think. Some of the rarest V nickels are the 1885, 1886, 1912-S, and there is rumor that there are five 1913 V nickels! These nickels can cost thousands of dollars depending on the condition, some of them at lower grades such as VF and EF can cost hundreds as well.

Where to find V Nickels 

You can buy V nickels in a couple different ways, most commonly people buy them individually or in rolls. You can get these coins from Bullion Shark. We sell them online or on the phone if you prefer a more personal and customized experience.


Liberty Head Nickels