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The $5 gold coin, commonly known as the "Half Eagle," is one of the longest-running denominations of U.S. gold coinage. It was produced by the United States Mint from 1795 to 1929.
The $5 gold coin, known as the "Half Eagle," was produced at seven U.S. Mint facilities over its history.

Philadelphia Mint (P or no mintmark): The primary mint facility, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, produced Half Eagles for much of the coin's production history.

Charlotte Mint (C mintmark): Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, this mint produced Half Eagles from 1838 to 1861. It primarily minted gold coins using gold sourced from the southern states.

Dahlonega Mint (D mintmark): Situated in Dahlonega, Georgia, this mint produced Half Eagles from 1838 to 1861, using locally sourced gold.

New Orleans Mint (O mintmark): Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, this mint produced Half Eagles intermittently from 1839 to 1909.

San Francisco Mint (S mintmark): Situated in San Francisco, California, this mint began operations in 1854 and produced Half Eagles in various years from its inception until 1929.

Carson City Mint (CC mintmark): Located in Carson City, Nevada, this mint produced Half Eagles from 1870 to 1893.

Denver Mint (D mintmark): Located in Denver, Colorado, this mint produced Half Eagles starting in the early 20th century, specifically from 1906 to 1929.

The Half Eagle underwent several design changes during its production, resulting in different types:

Capped Bust to Right, Small Eagle (1795-1798): This was the initial design of the Half Eagle.

Capped Bust to Right, Heraldic Eagle (1795-1807): This design featured a larger, more heraldic eagle on the reverse.

Capped Bust to Left (1807-1812): A design change had Liberty facing left.

Capped Head to Left (1813-1834): This design featured a smaller Liberty head facing left.

Classic Head (1834-1838): This design showcased Liberty with a headband inscribed with "LIBERTY."

Liberty Head (No Motto) (1839-1866): This design depicted Liberty wearing a coronet with "LIBERTY" inscribed on it, with no motto above the eagle on the reverse.

Liberty Head (With Motto) (1866-1908): Similar to the previous design but with the addition of the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" above the eagle on the reverse.

Indian Head (1908-1929): This design, introduced in 1908, showcased a left-facing Native American head on the obverse and a standing eagle on the reverse.

Another name for the $5 gold coin is the "Half Eagle".