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Biblical Coins

Biblical coins are highly sought after due to their rich history and religious ties. Most often, bronze examples of these pieces such as Widow's Mites are available, but some silver pieces are also available for coin collectors. Many of these coins that fall into this category are mentioned in the Bible. In fact, many of these coins were produced during the life of Jesus. For examples, the popular Widow's Mite was struck between 135-37 B.C., which indicates that these coins were circulating during the life of Jesus. Another popular coin is the Shekel of Tyre. Any coins struck in Judea also fall into this category of ancient coins. 

Buy Biblical Coins

Bullion Shark makes it easy and affordable to purchase Biblical coins. Many collectors buy these ancient coins for religious purposes or for their rich history. Due to their age, many Biblical coins are crude and worn. This makes finding high grade examples very difficult. 

Biblical Coins