Widow’s Mite: Judean Prutah (Album)(SELECT)

Widow’s Mite: Judean Prutah (Album)(SELECT)

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The Widow's Mite: Judean Prutah (Album)(SELECT) is a remarkable collection of ancient coins that promises to take you on a captivating journey through history. Each coin within this meticulously curated album represents a piece of antiquity, providing a tangible connection to the ancient world.

Within this unique collection, you will find a carefully selected assortment of Judean Prutah coins, each one telling its own story. These coins were originally minted in the late Hasmonean period, during the 1st century BCE. The name "Widow's Mite" was given to these coins due to their mention in the Bible, where a widow's humble offering of two Prutah coins was praised by Jesus for its sincerity and value.

The Judean Prutah coins featured in this album are cherished not only for their historical significance but also for their intricate designs. Crafted from bronze, each coin reflects the exceptional craftsmanship of the ancient artisans. With delicate engravings on both sides, these coins provide a unique insight into the culture, religion, and art of the time.

As you delve into this album, you will discover an array of captivating designs, ranging from images of the legendary Temple of Jerusalem and the iconic Chalice to the striking palm branch symbolizing victory. Each coin has been preserved in excellent condition, allowing you to appreciate the intricate details and symbolic representations on every piece.

The Widow's Mite: Judean Prutah (Album)(SELECT) is not only a valuable collectible but also a window into a bygone era. Whether you are a passionate ancient history enthusiast, a dedicated numismatist, or simply looking to add a touch of historical charm to your collection, this album is a must-have.

With its carefully selected assortment of Judean Prutah coins and its rich historical significance, this collection offers a unique opportunity to own a tangible piece of the past. Each coin within this remarkable album tells a story of a long-lost civilization and serves as a potent reminder of the enduring power of human history. Take a step back in time with the Widow's Mite: Judean Prutah (Album)(SELECT) and embark on an extraordinary journey through the ancient world.
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