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Byzantine Coins

The Byzantine Empire is known by many to be the Eastern Roman Empire. This empire existed from 476 A.D. to 1453 A.D. Many ancient Byzantine coins are best known for their Christian imagery and most often depict portraits of Jesus. The most popular of these coins are the bronze follis, gold solidus and gold histamenon. Many historians and numismatists consider these coins to fall into the ancient rare coin category since the process of creating them was very similar to that of roman coins. 

Buy Ancient Byzantine Coins

Many Byzantine coins are quite reasonable in price, making these coins a fan favorite among ancient rare coin collectors. Even gold Byzantine coins are quite affordable. Even though these pieces are affordable, their beauty is magnificent. Many high grade examples still exist today, making these coins available for purchase to the public. Bullion Shark has one of the most extensive and well prices inventories of Byzantine coins on the market.