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Indian Head Penny

The Indian Head Penny was minted from 1859 to 1909. Its design has a left-facing female figure wearing a Native American headdress, and the reverse shows the value of the coin and a wreath. The Indian Head Cent was designed by the same designer of the Flying Eagle cent, which was discontinued due to issued with its design and minting.

Types of Indian Head Pennies

The popularity that comes with the Indian Head Cent nowadays is its age and the rarity of some of the versions of this coin. One of the rare versions are the 1873 Double Liberty version. This version was minted with the word "liberty" duplicated on the headdress. Another rare version is the 1877 Indian Head Penny. Although the coin has value from its age and rarity, it does not have any value from its composition as it is made of 88% copper and 12% nickel. When it comes to buying the Indian Head Cent there are multiple ways to go about it. Some collectors like to buy rolls of them, which contain 50 coins, individual versions, or bundles of certain years. 

Where to get Indian Head Pennies

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Indian Head Penny