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Lincoln Cents

The Lincoln Cent was minted from 1909-to present day, from 1909 to 1982 it was made of 95% copper and 5% zinc, and from 1982 to present it is made of 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. The first type of Lincoln Cent is considered the Wheat Penny. People were so excited about the release of this coin that the treasury sold out of coins and the lines were extremely long. This was because the mint did not release any picture of the coin before release, leading many individuals to be curious about the design. The coin had President Lincoln on the obverse and the face value of the coin on the reverse. Other parts of the reverse have changed over the years. It was designed by Victor D. Berner.

Types of Lincoln Cents

The value of these coins comes from their low mintages and low survival rate in high grade. There are multiple coins in the series that have low mintages and are very hard to find in well-kept condition. Some of these coins are 1909-S VBD, 1914-D, 1931. These versions are very rare and cost thousands of dollars in the pristine condition. You can buy these in different forms, such as rolls of 50, albums and individuals. 

Where to get Lincoln cents 

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Lincoln Cents