1909 VDB Lincoln Cent Almost Uncirculated - Walk in Shop Hoard

1909 VDB Lincoln Cent Almost Uncirculated - Walk in Shop Hoard

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The 1909 VDB penny holds a special place in American numismatics due to its unique history and the controversy surrounding its creation. It was the first issue of the new Lincoln Cent series which replaced the long-running Indian Head Penny. The initials "VDB" stand for Victor David Brenner, the coin's designer, whose signature was boldly struck on the reverse of the penny. This display of "self-importance" caused public outrage across the nation, which led to the U.S. Mint to remove them from the design shortly after the coin's release.

The 1909 VDB penny was minted without a mint mark at the Philadelphia Mint, with almost 28 million pieces struck. However, it's the 1909-S VDB penny, minted at the San Francisco Mint with a mintage of only 484,000, that is particularly sought after by collectors due to its immense rarity and value. The coin was introduced to commemorate the centennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth and was the first U.S. coin to feature a real person's image. VDB Lincoln Cents were only minted for a few months before the design changed, but they have since been cemented in U.S. numismatic history! 

We acquired a huge lot of these 1909 VDB Lincoln Cents in stunning Almost Uncirculated condition from a massive hoard. A seasoned coin shop owner had been holding on to a large number of these cents for decades, and he finally was ready to sell them off. We are passing the savings onto you! Despite being over a century old, these VDB pennies are in fantastic condition. At this low price, you don't want to miss adding these VDB cents to your collection today!
*If you purchase multiple they will be shipped in the same black pouch*
  • Minted in 1909 only
  • Fabled prominent VDB design on the reverse
  • From a collector's hoard
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