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Silver Eagles

The American Silver Eagle coin program all started back in 1986 when president Ronald Reagan commissioned a new silver coin to be made. Specifically, Ronald Reagan wanted a coin that symbolized America's strength, freedom, and beauty. Furthermore, the Silver Eagle program served as a way for the Reagan administration to sell the government's silver stock pile at a premium to melt silver and help in turn balance the government's budget.

When designing the Silver Eagle, Ronald Reagan turned to a U.S. Mint engraver named John Mercanti to design the reverse of the coin. John Mercanti's design featured a "heraldic eagle" which instantly became one of the most popular designs ever for a U.S. silver coin. The obverse of the coin featured lady liberty that was taken from Adolph Wediman's original Walking Liberty Half Dollar design.

Why Buy Silver Eagles?

Not only have millions of Silver Eagles been sold, but it has become the most successful coin program of all time. Collectors love the American Silver Eagle because it is a full troy ounce of .999 pure silver and because of its sheer beauty. Furthermore, collectors love that they have the ability to put together a whole set of one coin from each year, starting with the 1986 American Silver Eagle. Additionally, collectors love that there are many different types of Silver Eagle finishes such as proof, burnished, and mint state.