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Platinum bullion has gained a lot of traction is recent years. Although gold and silver offer more variety and flexibility with purchases, demand for platinum bullion has been on the rise. In the 1990's, demand for the metal declined, but sharply picked back up in the 2000's due to an increase of the spot price of platinum. The demand for platinum does not just come from investors but also from industrial uses such as in catalytic converters, electrical equipment and medical devices. 

Platinum Bullion Products include but are not limited to: Platinum Eagles, Platinum Maple Leafs, Platinum Kangaroos, Platinum Philharmonics and platinum bars. In recent years, fractional platinum bullion was put on the market by companies like PAMP Suisse.

Why Buy Platinum Bullion?

Platinum is about 30 times as rare as gold as the effort to pull it out of the earth is much more extensive that that exerted to mine for gold. It takes about 10 tons of ore to be extracted from the earth to produce a single ounce of platinum. This fact proves that platinum serves as a great avenue to diversify your precious metals portfolio.