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Kennedy Half Dollars

The Kennedy half dollar is the current U.S. half dollar in circulation. It is also the only half dollar to be minted with silver and with no silver content. It has been minted since 1964 and is still minted today. The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar was made of 90% silver and then from 1965-1970 was made in only 40% silver. The 1970 Kennedy Half Dollar was the last Kennedy Half Dollar to be made of any silver. Thereafter, the 1971 Kennedy Half Dollar was the first to have no silver content at all. The Kennedy half dollar’s design consists of a left-facing head of President Kennedy, on the reverse is an eagle. This coin was designed by Frank Gasparo.

Kennedy Half Dollar Value and Types

Kennedy Half Dollars are typically inexpensive coins. However, values range from a couple dollars to thousands of dollars for special varieties and high grade specimens. Some of the lowest mintage Kennedy Half Dollars are the 1970-D Kennedy Half Dollar, the 1987-P Kennedy Half Dollar, and the 1987-D Kennedy Half Dollar.

Where to Get Kennedy Half Dollars

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Kennedy Half Dollars

Kennedy Half Dollar FAQs

1964 - to date.

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Gilroy Roberts.
Frank Gasparro.
12.5 grams consisting of 90% and 10% copper.
1971 to date.
11.34 grams with a composition of an outer layer of 75% copper and 25% nickel) bonded to an inner core of pure copper.
Yes. In 2014 a 3/4 oz pure gold Kennedy half dollar was produced.