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What Mints Produce American Silver Eagles?

What Mints Produce American Silver Eagles?

Jan 28th 2020

American Silver Eagles have been one of the world’s most popular silver bullion coins for the last three and a half decades. Over its 35 year span, the American Silver Eagle has been minted at the Philadelphia, West Point and San Francisco Mints.

Proof Silver Eagles

Proof Silver Eagles are one of the most beautiful of all Silver Eagles. Their black-to-white, cameo contrast is what sets the coin from its counterparts. Its frosted devices and shiny background are like none other. A Proof Silver Eagle was minted every year from 1986 to present day, except for in 2009. From 1986-1992, the Proof Silver Eagles were struck at the San Francisco Mint. From 1993-2000, the Philadelphia Mint released the Proof Silver Eagle. Finally, the Proof Silver Eagles have been minted at the West Point Mint in New York from 2001 to present day. However, the San Francisco also minted a Proof Silver Eagle in 2017, 2018 and 2019. A 2020-S Proof Silver Eagle is also set to be released this year.

Burnished Silver Eagles

Burnished Silver Eagles are best know for their low mintages and satin finish. Burnished Silver Eagles have only been minted from 2006 to present day. This is the shortest Silver Eagle series. No 2009 or 2010 Burnished Silver Eagles have ever been minted. The West Point Mint produces the Burnished Silver Eagle each year. The San Francisco Mint did produce a Burnished Silver Eagle in 2011 as part of the 2011 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set.

Bullion Strike Silver Eagles

Although Bullion Strike Silver Eagles do not bear a mintmark like the Burnished and Proof Silver Eagles do, three different mints did release Silver Eagles throughout their 35 year run. Bullion Strike Silver Eagles were minted at the San Francisco Mint from 1986-1998. From 1999-2000, the West Point Mint and Philadelphia Mints released coins. It is believed that the West Point Mint produced all other Silver Eagles from 2000 to present day. However, it was later discovered that the Philadelphia Mint produced some Silver Eagles in 2015 and 2016 and the San Francisco Mint in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017.

Additional Silver Eagle Finishes

Some special edition Silver Eagles were minted at various Mints. In 2006, the West Point Mint created the 2006 Reverse Proof Silver Eagle. In 2011, the Philadelphia Mint minted the 2011 Reverse Proof Silver Eagle. In 2012, the San Francisco Mint put forth the 2012-S Proof Silver Eagle and 2012-S Reverse Proof Silver Eagle. The West Point Mint released a 2013-W Enhanced Silver Eagle and 2013-W Reverse Proof Silver Eagle. Lastly, the San Francisco and West Point Mints released the only ever, Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagles.

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