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Three Cent Nickel

The predecessor to this coin was the Two Cent Piece. The Three Cent Nickel replaced the Two Cent penny because the value was higher and was more convenient to carry around. The Three Cent nickel was minted irregularly throughout the years of 1865-1889. The coin was designed by James B. Longacre and its design consisted of a left-facing head of liberty on the obverse. The reverse featured the value of the coin in roman numerals. The coin had a face value of three cents so the reverse showed “III”. The coin was made of a copper-nickel alloy and was smaller than today’s nickel.

Three Cent Nickels Values and Types

There are not very many different types of Three Cent nickels. The one year that there were two types was in 1873. In 1873 there was an open 3 version and a closed 3 version. This coin does have rare dates, they are 1865 proof, 1883, 1884, 1885, and 1887. Regularly these cost around $100 in uncirculated condition, but the rarer coins can cost $500 and up! 

Where to get Three Cent Nickels      

You can get you Three Cent nickel at Bullion shark, we sell them on the website or you can call 516-739-5822 and a representative will be happy to help you.


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