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Obsolete US Coins - 2 Cent and 3 Cent Set

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Product Description

It's time to collect the most uncommon and unique US Coinage - the 2 and 3 cent pieces! These Civil War era coins are relics of a poignant time in early US history, and they made numismatic history themselves! The Two Cent Pieces were minted during the Civil War and are the first coin to ever have the words "In God We Trust" on it! That in itself changed US coinage forever! The Three Cent Nickel was only produced for a short time from 1865-1889. At the time, a postage stamp cost just 3 cents, so these coins were incredibly useful.

Both of these coins were mostly melted down after they were decommissioned, so they are rare finds indeed! Both pieces in this set have mixed dates and are circulated and are still excellent collector's pieces! 


  • Two coin set
  • Circulated
  • First instance of "In God We Trust"!
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