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Standing Liberty Quarters


The Standing Liberty quarter was minted from 1916-1930. Its original purpose was to replace the Barber quarter. Upon release, the Standing Liberty quarter was desired by all. It had such an elegant and unique design throughout its mintage that the public started hoarding them away. Its obverse design consisted of a full-bodied liberty standing in a doorway holding a shield and an olive branch. The reverse contained an eagle soaring through the American sky. This original design was created by engraver Herman Macneil. Throughout its production, the Standing Liberty quarter went through a number of small changed though its years, for instance, in 1917 the breast of Lady Liberty was covered as it was thought to be to revealing. 

Standing Liberty Quarter Value

There are many significant types of Standing Liberty quarters over the course of its history. For instance, 1917 had variety one and variety two. Each variety was minted at Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. So that’s 6 different types of coins on its own. Some of the rare and more valuable mintages are 1916, 1919-D, 1923-S, and 1927-S. Standing Liberty quarters usually cost around a few hundred dollars in uncirculated condition while the rare years can cost a few thousand. The most valuable one is the 1916 edition of the coin costing over $10,000.

Where to get Standing Liberty Quarters 

You can get you Standing Liberty quarters from Bullion shark in a variety of different ways. You have the option of buying them individually, in rolls, or in an album. You can even buy them already graded.


Standing Liberty Quarters