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The Standing Liberty quarter was minted from 1916-1930. Its original purpose was to replace the Barber quarter. Upon release, the Standing Liberty quarter was desired by all. It had such an elegant and unique design throughout its mintage that the public started hoarding them away. Its obverse design consisted of a full-bodied liberty standing in a doorway holding a shield and an olive branch. The reverse contained an eagle soaring through the American sky. This original design was created by engraver Herman Macneil. Throughout its production, the Standing Liberty quarter went through a number of small changed though its years, for instance, in 1917 the breast of Lady Liberty was covered as it was thought to be to revealing. 

When shopping for Standing Liberty Quarters at Bullion Sharks, consider the following to make the most informed purchase:

  • Year and Mint Mark: Look for specific years or mint marks that are missing from your collection or known for their rarity and value.

  • Condition: Decide whether you're looking for coins in circulated condition with a natural patina or those in uncirculated condition with original mint luster. The condition significantly affects the coin's value and appeal.

  • Full Head (FH) Designation: For collectors seeking premium quality, consider looking for Standing Liberty Quarters with the Full Head designation, indicating a well-struck coin where the details of Liberty's head are fully visible.

  • Authentication and Grading: For added assurance, look for coins that have been authenticated and graded by reputable services like PCGS or NGC, especially when purchasing higher-value items.

A Glimpse into Our Collection

  • Rare Finds and Key Dates: Discover sought-after pieces like the highly coveted 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter, known for its low mintage and significant value. Our selection also includes the 1917 Type 1, celebrated for its artistic design featuring Liberty with an exposed breast, a detail modified in later issues.

  • Variety of Conditions: From well-circulated coins with a rich patina that tells a story of the past to brilliantly uncirculated examples that showcase the design's intricate details, our collection caters to every preference. Special highlights include coins with Full Head (FH) detail, a mark of exceptional strike and preservation.

  • Comprehensive Range: Whether you're looking for specific mint marks from the Philadelphia, Denver, or San Francisco mints, or aiming to complete a year set, our inventory offers a comprehensive range to meet your collecting needs.

Standing Liberty Quarter Value

There are many significant types of Standing Liberty quarters over the course of its history. For instance, 1917 had variety one and variety two. Each variety was minted at Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. So that’s 6 different types of coins on its own. Some of the rare and more valuable mintages are 1916, 1919-D, 1923-S, and 1927-S. Standing Liberty quarters usually cost around a few hundred dollars in uncirculated condition while the rare years can cost a few thousand. The most valuable one is the 1916 edition of the coin costing over $10,000.

The Standing Liberty Quarter, minted from 1916 to 1930, is a series rich in history and numismatic value. Certain issues within this series are particularly rare and valuable, sought after by collectors for their scarcity, condition, and historical significance. Here's a list of some of the most expensive Standing Liberty Quarters, along with their estimated value ranges and mintages:

  1. 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter

    • Mintage: 52,000
    • Value Range: $3,000 to $30,000+ in circulated conditions; uncirculated examples can exceed $50,000, with Full Head (FH) specimens reaching into the hundreds of thousands.
  2. 1918/7-S Standing Liberty Quarter (Overdate)

    • Mintage: Included in the total of 11,072,000 for 1918-S
    • Value Range: $1,500 to $15,000+ in lower grades; finer grades, especially with clear overdate features, can command $30,000 or more.
  3. 1923-S Standing Liberty Quarter

    • Mintage: 1,360,000
    • Value Range: $100 to $6,000+ in circulated conditions; uncirculated grades, particularly those with Full Head details, can range from $15,000 to $40,000+.
  4. 1927-S Standing Liberty Quarter

    • Mintage: 396,000
    • Value Range: $100 to $3,000+ for circulated grades; uncirculated examples, especially with Full Head designation, can reach $20,000 to $50,000+.
  5. 1919-D Standing Liberty Quarter

    • Mintage: 1,944,000
    • Value Range: $100 to $5,000+ in circulated conditions; uncirculated examples can exceed $10,000, with premiums for Full Head specimens.
  6. 1920-S Standing Liberty Quarter

    • Mintage: 1,380,000
    • Value Range: $100 to $4,000+ for circulated examples; uncirculated grades can fetch $8,000 to $25,000+, particularly with Full Head details.
  7. 1921 Standing Liberty Quarter

    • Mintage: 1,916,000
    • Value Range: $100 to $2,500+ in circulated conditions; uncirculated examples can range from $5,000 to $15,000+, with a premium for Full Head coins.
  8. 1927-D Standing Liberty Quarter

    • Mintage: 976,000
    • Value Range: $50 to $2,000+ for circulated grades; uncirculated examples can command $5,000 to $20,000+, especially with Full Head details.

Where to Buy Standing Liberty Quarters?

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Standing Liberty Quarter Coins FAQs:

Standing Liberty Quarter produced was produced from 1916 to 1930.
Herman A. MacNeil

The Standing Liberty Quarter was minted by the United States Mint from 1916 to 1930. During its production, the coin was minted at three different mint facilities:

Philadelphia Mint (no mint mark)

Denver Mint (D mint mark)

San Francisco Mint (S mint mark)

36.25 grams of 90% silver sand 10% copper.
Type 1, No stars below eagle. Type 2a, stars below eagle. Type 2b, stars below eagle (recessed date).
The key date for the Standing Liberty Quarter series is the 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter. It is considered the most rare and valuable coin in the series. The 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter had a very low mintage, making it highly sought after by collectors. Additionally, it was the first year of issue for the Standing Liberty design, adding to its desirability. If in high grade and well-preserved condition, this coin can command significant premiums. Always consult a reputable coin dealer or pricing guide for the most current values.
On the obverse (front of the coin) to the left of Lady Liberty's foot.