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Draped Bust Dime Coins FAQs

The Draped Bust design was used on dimes from 1796 to 1807.
Gilbert Stuart designed the Draped Bust Dime.
Draped bust dimes weigh 2.70 grams and composed of .8924 silver with a balance of copper.
The Draped Bust dime, minted from 1796 to 1807, has several varieties based on differences in design and other features.

The primary Draped Bust dime varieties are:

1796 Small Eagle Reverse: This is the first year of the Draped Bust dime, and it features a small eagle on the reverse. Within this year, there are two significant varieties based on the number of stars on the obverse: one with 15 stars and another with 16 stars. The addition of the 16th star represented the admission of Tennessee to the Union.

1797 Small Eagle Reverse: This year also features the small eagle reverse. There are several varieties for 1797 based on the number of stars on the obverse (13, 15, or 16 stars) and the arrangement of the stars.

1798-1807 Heraldic Eagle Reverse: Starting in 1798, the reverse design was changed to feature a larger, heraldic eagle. This design continued until 1807. Within this period, there are various minor varieties based on differences in the date, lettering, and other design elements.

While these are the primary design varieties, there are other more subtle variations and die varieties that are of interest to specialized collectors and numismatists. If you're considering collecting Draped Bust dimes or studying their varieties in detail, consulting a specialized numismatic reference or expert can provide more in-depth information. Call us!

Lady Liberty facing right surrounded by stars with the word "Liberty" over her head.