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The Seated Liberty Half Dollar was minted form 1839-1891, and for 53 years the American people loved this coin. This love still exists among collectors today. This half dollar coin consisted of a full-bodied Liberty seated on a rock on the obverse, while the reverse features an eagle spreading its wings. This coin was designed by Christian Gobrecht. This piece had either no mint mark or S, D, O, or CC. Carson city versions of this coin are the rarest.

Types of Seated Liberty Half Dollars

The Seated Liberty Half Dollar is composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. The value of these coins comes from their advanced age and rarity. Some of the rarest versions of this coin are 1842-O, 1870-CC, 1878-S. These coins in uncirculated condition could cost you thousands of dollars. They are considerably more scare than many other types of half dollars.

Seated Liberty Half Dollar Series Overview

This series offers a range of collectible coins, each with its unique history and minting details. From the early no-motto varieties to the later versions including the Civil War period, these half dollars reflect significant periods in American history.

Highlights of the Collection

  • 1839 No Drapery: Marks the introduction of the series, featuring Liberty without any drapery at the elbow. Highly prized for its historic and aesthetic value.
  • 1861-O: This particular minting includes pieces struck under three different authorities: the U.S. government, the state of Louisiana, and the Confederate States, making it a fascinating piece for historical collectors.
  • 1873-1891 With Motto: Features the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" above the eagle on the reverse, added during a period of religious revival in the United States.

Collector's Insights

Purchasing Seated Liberty Half Dollars offers enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of numismatic art steeped in rich American history. Whether for investment, education, or sheer appreciation, each coin serves as a link to the past, showcasing craftsmanship and the evolution of minting technology over the decades.

Why Collect Seated Liberty Half Dollars?

Collecting these coins can be particularly rewarding for those interested in the artistry and narrative of U.S. coinage. They offer a diverse array of types and sub-varieties that challenge even seasoned collectors. The series is also notable for its representation of significant national themes and changes during its time of circulation.

Who designed the Seated Liberty Half Dollar?

The Seated Liberty Half Dollar was designed by Christian Gobrecht, who was the Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint at the time.

What are the key dates for Seated Liberty Half Dollars?

Key dates, which are the most sought after by collectors due to their rarity, include 1853 with arrows and rays, 1870-CC, 1871-CC, 1878-CC, and 1878-S.

What are the varieties of the Seated Liberty Half Dollar?

The main varieties include:No Motto on the reverse (1839-1866)
With Motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" above the eagle on the reverse (1866-1891)
Arrows at the date and rays around the eagle, indicating changes in weight (1853 only and again with arrows at the date from 1854-1855)


What factors affect the value of a Seated Liberty Half Dollar?

Factors include the coin’s date and mintmark, its rarity, demand among collectors, and its condition or grade. Coins with lower mintages and those in higher states of preservation are typically more valuable.

How can I tell if my Seated Liberty Half Dollar is genuine?

Authenticating a Seated Liberty Half Dollar involves examining the coin’s weight, dimensions, design details, and metal content. Consulting with a professional numismatist or sending the coin to a reputable grading service can also help verify its authenticity.

Where can I buy or sell Seated Liberty Half Dollars?

These coins can be purchased from coin dealers, at coin shows, online auction sites, and from numismatic auctions. Selling typically involves similar venues, and it's recommended to work with reputable dealers or auction houses.

How should I store my Seated Liberty Half Dollar collection?

Store your coins in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Use holders or albums that provide protection from handling and environmental damage. Acid-free materials are best for long-term storage.

Are Seated Liberty Half Dollars a good investment?

While Seated Liberty Half Dollars can be a good investment, especially the rarer varieties or those in exceptional condition, the numismatic market can be volatile. It’s important to research and understand the market dynamics and to purchase wisely based on historical performance and personal interest in coin collecting.

Where to Buy Seated Liberty Half Dollar

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Seated Liberty Half Dollars FAQs

13.36 grams consisting of 90% silver and 10% copper.
A common date in poor condition can be worth $30, while many have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Christian Gobrecht.
Philadelphia, New Orleans, Denver, San Francisco and Carson City.
6. The major parts of the design stayed consistent, with small changes making the different types.