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Dive into the rich history of American numismatics with our exquisite collection of Barber Quarters for sale. Minted from 1892 to 1916, these silver quarters are a testament to the artistic and historical legacy of the United States during the turn of the 20th century. Named after their designer, Charles E. Barber, the Barber Quarters feature a classical depiction of Liberty on the obverse and an heraldic eagle on the reverse, embodying the nation's ideals and enduring spirit.

Barber Quarters For Sale

Our selection of Barber Quarters spans the entire minting period, offering collectors the opportunity to own a piece of this iconic series. Whether you're a seasoned numismatist or a new collector, these quarters are a must-have for their beauty, historical significance, and the value they add to any collection. Each coin tells a story of its era, from the economic changes of the late 19th century to the pre-World War I period, making them not just collectibles but pieces of history.

The Barber Quarters come from various mints across the country, including Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, and New Orleans, each adding its unique mark to the series. With varying degrees of rarity and condition, from well-circulated pieces to those in almost uncirculated condition, our collection caters to every collector's needs and budget.

Barber Quarter Collectibility

The Barber Quarter, minted from 1892 to 1916, stands as a highly collectible piece among numismatists due to its historical significance and aesthetic appeal. Designed by Charles E. Barber, its classical motifs and representation of the American spirit during the turn of the 20th century make it a sought-after series for collectors. The diversity within the series, including variations in mint marks and conditions, offers a wide range of collecting opportunities, from completing year sets to acquiring coins from each mint.

Barber Quarter History

The Barber Quarter was introduced as part of a coinage redesign that also included the dime and half dollar, all bearing similar designs by Charles E. Barber. This series replaced the Seated Liberty design and was minted during a period of significant growth and change in the United States. The coin's obverse features the head of Liberty wearing a Phrygian cap, while the reverse showcases an eagle with outstretched wings, embodying the nation's ideals of freedom and strength.

Rare Barber Quarter Value

Rare Barber Quarters, especially those from low mintage years or in high grades, can command significant premiums. Key rarities in the series include the 1896-S, 1901-S, and 1913-S, with the 1901-S being one of the most valuable and sought-after quarters in all of American numismatics. The value of these rare coins can range from several thousand to over a hundred thousand dollars, depending on their condition and market demand.

Rare Barber Quarters are highly sought after by collectors due to their low mintages and the challenge they present in completing a collection. Here are some of the most notable rare Barber Quarters, their estimated value ranges based on condition (from good to uncirculated grades), and their mintages:

  1. 1896-S Barber Quarter

    • Mintage: 188,039
    • Value Range: $200 to over $40,000
    • The 1896-S Barber Quarter is rare in all grades, with values skyrocketing for specimens in fine condition and above due to its low mintage.
  2. 1901-S Barber Quarter

    • Mintage: 72,664
    • Value Range: $3,000 to over $100,000
    • Considered the "king" of Barber Quarters and one of the most valuable of all U.S. coins, the 1901-S is exceptionally rare and commands high prices even in lower grades.
  3. 1913-S Barber Quarter

    • Mintage: 40,000
    • Value Range: $300 to over $15,000
    • The 1913-S has the lowest mintage of the series, making it extremely rare and valuable, especially in grades VG (Very Good) and higher.
  4. 1896-O Barber Quarter

    • Mintage: 720,000
    • Value Range: $100 to over $5,500
    • While its mintage is higher than others on this list, the 1896-O is considered rare due to its low survival rate in higher grades.
  5. 1897-S Barber Quarter

    • Mintage: 542,229
    • Value Range: $20 to over $3,000
    • The 1897-S is more accessible in lower grades but becomes significantly rarer and more valuable in uncirculated condition.
  6. 1909-O Barber Quarter

    • Mintage: 712,000
    • Value Range: $50 to over $5,000
    • As the last quarter minted in New Orleans, the 1909-O holds a special place among collectors and is particularly rare in higher grades.
  7. 1914-S Barber Quarter

    • Mintage: 264,000
    • Value Range: $50 to over $8,000
    • The 1914-S is another challenging coin for collectors, with uncirculated examples being especially rare and valuable.
  8. 1901-O Barber Quarter

    • Mintage: 1,612,000
    • Value Range: $10 to over $1,200
    • Despite its higher mintage, the 1901-O is considered rare in very fine and higher grades, making it a sought-after coin for collectors.

These values are approximate and can vary based on the coin's condition, market demand, and other factors. Collectors interested in these rare Barber Quarters should consult a current price guide or a professional numismatist for the most accurate and up-to-date valuations.

Barber Quarters Worth Money - The Most Expensive Barber Quarters and Their Value

Among the most expensive Barber Quarters, the 1901-S stands out, with auction prices for high-grade examples exceeding $100,000. The 1896-S and 1913-S also fetch high prices, with well-preserved specimens selling for tens of thousands of dollars. The value of these coins is influenced by their rarity, condition, and the historical context of their minting.

Barber Quarter Coin Specifications

The Barber Quarter features a diameter of 24.3 mm and was struck in 90% silver and 10% copper, weighing 6.25 grams. Its design and composition remained consistent throughout its minting period, making it a stable and recognizable piece among collectors and investors alike.

Barber Quarter Yearly Sales and Demand

Yearly sales and demand for Barber Quarters can fluctuate based on market trends, the discovery of rare specimens, and changes in the precious metals market. However, key dates and high-grade examples consistently attract attention from collectors and investors, maintaining a steady demand for this series.

Barber Quarter Certifications

Certification by reputable grading services such as PCGS and NGC plays a crucial role in the collectibility and market value of Barber Quarters. Certified coins are authenticated, graded, and encapsulated, providing assurance of their condition and authenticity. This certification process adds value to the coins, making them more desirable to collectors and enhancing their marketability and investment potential.


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 Barber Quarter Coins FAQs

Barber quarter was produced during from 1892 to 1916.
The Barber Quarter was designed by Charles E. Barber, who was the Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint at the time. The design is named after him and is also used on the Barber dime and Barber half dollar.
Total weight of 6.25 grams consisting of .900 silver and .100 copper.
Yes. Barber quarter is also known as Liberty Head quarter.
Barber quarter was produced at 4 mints: Philadelphia Mint (No mint mark), New Orleans Mint (O mint mark), San Francisco Mint (S mint mark), Denver Mint (D mint mark).

Key dates for Barber Quarters, which are known for their rarity and higher value, include the 1896-S, 1901-S, and 1913-S. These dates are highly sought after by collectors due to their low mintages and availability.

No. 1 design all the way through.

A Barber Quarter is a U.S. coin that was minted from 1892 to 1916. It's part of the Barber coinage designed by Charles E. Barber, which also includes the dime and half dollar. The quarter features the head of Liberty on the obverse and an eagle on the reverse.

The value of a Barber Quarter can vary widely depending on its condition, date, and mint mark. Common dates in circulated condition may be worth $10 to $50, while key dates in higher grades can fetch thousands of dollars.

The 1901-S is considered the rarest and most valuable Barber Quarter due to its low mintage and survival rate. Even in lower grades, it commands a high price among collectors.

To determine if your Barber Quarter is valuable, examine its date, mint mark, and condition. Key dates like the 1896-S, 1901-S, and 1913-S, especially in higher grades, are more valuable. Consulting a coin value guide or a professional numismatist can provide a more accurate valuation.