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Two Cent Piece

The Two Cent Piece is the only United States Penny ever made that has a face value of two cents. It was not popular amongst people and was not minted for a long time as a result. The Two Cent penny was minted from 1864-1872. The coin was designed by James B. Longacre. It’s design consisted of the seal of the United States, on the top of the seal states “In God we trust” on the obverse. The reverse features the value of the coin surrounded by a wreath. This coin was only minted only in Philadelphia. 

Two Cent Piece Value

There are not many types of Two Cent Pennies that were minted. The only differences in design throughout the series is during the 1864 mintage. Some Two Cents from 1864 have a small motto while the other design had a larger motto. The rarer and more expensive coins in the series are the 1864 two cent piece small motto and the 1872 two cent version. Two cent pennies can range from $30 in circulated condition to thousands of dollars in uncirculated condition.

Where to get Two Cent Pieces

You can get Two Cent Pieces from Bullion Shark. You can buy them online through our website or over the phone at 516-739-5822.