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The Barber Dime, named after its designer Charles E. Barber, is a significant piece of America’s numismatic history. Minted from 1892 to 1916, these dimes are part of the "Barber" series, which also includes quarters and half dollars featuring similar designs. Barber Dimes are highly sought after by collectors due to their age, historical context, and the intricacies of their design and production variations.

Design and Features The obverse of the Barber Dime features the head of Liberty, facing right, wearing a cap with a laurel wreath, and the inscription "LIBERTY" along the band of the cap. The reverse displays a wreath encircling the words "ONE DIME," a design that emphasizes simplicity and elegance. The overall aesthetic of the Barber Dime reflects the Neoclassical style that was prevalent in American coinage at the time.

Collectibility and Variants Barber Dimes are collected not only for their beauty and historical value but also for the challenge they present to collectors. Key dates and mint marks such as the 1894-S, one of the most famous rarities in American numismatics, and the 1895-O are particularly coveted. The 1894-S Barber Dime, with only 24 pieces originally struck and just a handful known to exist today, stands as one of the pinnacle rarities in all of coin collecting.

Condition and Certification The condition of Barber Dimes can vary widely, from well-worn examples to those in almost uncirculated (AU) or uncirculated (MS) condition. Collectors often seek certified coins, which have been graded by reputable services like PCGS or NGC. This certification helps to assure the coin's authenticity and condition, providing peace of mind when making a purchase.


Barber Dime Coins FAQs

Philadelphia, New Orleans, Carson City and San Francisco.
The Barber dime was designed by Charles E. Barber, who was the Chief Engraver of the United States Mint at the time. The Barber dime, along with the Barber quarter and half dollar, all share a similar design and are collectively referred to as the "Barber" series in his honor.
The Barber dime was issued by the United States Mint from 1892 to 1916.
Lady Liberty facing right wearing a Phrygian cap and laurel wreath with the word liberty written on the band in her hair. Surrounded by the words "United States of America".
Barber dime weighs 2.50 grams with a composition of 90% silver and 10% copper.
The key date for the Barber dime series is the 1894-S. The 1894-S Barber dime is one of the most famous and sought-after rarities in U.S. coinage. Only 24 examples were minted, and today, only nine are known to exist. Its rarity and the stories surrounding its creation have made it highly desirable among collectors, and it often commands significant prices sales reaching millions when it comes up for auction.