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NGCX - A New 10-Point Grading Scale for Coins

Introduction to NGCX The Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) has introduced a new 10-point grading scale for coins, named NGCX, marking a significant evolution in coin collecting. This scale is designed to integrate seamlessly with the existing 70-point Sheldon Scale used by NGC, enhancing the grading process's clarity and ease of understanding for collectors from various collecting backgrounds, including comics, trading card games (TCGs), and sports cards.

Key Features of the NGCX Scale

  • Universal Appeal: NGCX offers a universally understandable grading scale, bridging the gap between different collectible markets and coin collecting.
  • Focus on Coin Quality: The grading process under NGCX specifically assesses the coin itself, disregarding any lamination, ensuring a pure evaluation of the coin’s condition.
  • Pristine Condition at 10: The highest grade, 10, signifies a pristine coin with no post-production imperfections visible even under 5x magnification, aligning with the Sheldon Scale's 70-point grade.

NGC Guarantee and Certification

NGC extends its industry-leading guarantee to the NGCX grading, providing remedies if an NGC-certified coin is proven not genuine or overgraded. Collectors can seek NGCX certification for their coins, further integrating this new scale into the broader numismatic community.

NGCX represents a pivotal step in coin grading, offering a simplified yet precise scale that aligns with grading standards in other collectible sectors. This initiative not only expands the hobby's accessibility but also maintains the high standards of evaluation and certification that collectors expect from NGC. For more details on the NGCX grading scale and its implications for coin collecting, interested parties can explore FAQs and additional resources provided by NGC.


NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) coin grading is a process where experts examine and assign a numerical grade to a coin based on its condition, authenticity, and quality. NGC is one of the leading coin grading services in the world.

NGCX-certified coins will be available through select retailers beginning January 2023. You can buy NGCX certified coins at

Modern coins, minted from 1982 to present, qualify for NGCX certification. All US vintage coins are also eligible to be graded on the NGCX 10-point grading scale.

The 70-point scale, known as the Sheldon grading scale, is the industry standard for coin grading. NGC will continue to use the 70-point scale for regular submissions.

There is no difference in quality between a grade on the NGCX 10-point grading scale and a grade on the 70-point scale. On the NGCX scale, 10 is the supreme grade, equivalent to a 70 on the traditional scale. The subsequent grades cascade from 10, a criterion understood by all.

For example, a coin graded NGCX Mint State or Proof 10 has no imperfections at 5x magnification, the same as a coin graded NGC Mint State or Proof 70. Likewise, an NGCX Mint State or Proof 9.9 is the same as a coin graded NGC Mint State or Proof 69 — each a fully struck coin with nearly imperceptible imperfections.

NGC coin grades represent the condition and quality of a coin. Higher grades indicate a coin in better condition. Grades are divided into categories like Good, Very Good, Fine, Very Fine, Extremely Fine, About Uncirculated, and Mint State or Proof for uncirculated coins.

The cost of NGC coin grading varies depending on the type of coin, its value, the desired turnaround time, and whether additional services (like encapsulation or variety attribution) are requested. Fees can range from around $20 to over $100 per coin.

Coins can be submitted to NGC through a registered NGC member or an authorized dealer. Collectors can also become NGC members themselves to submit coins directly. Submission involves filling out a form and sending the coins to NGC via insured mail.

Yes, having a coin graded by NGC can potentially increase its value, especially if it receives a high grade. A graded coin's condition is officially documented, making it more attractive to collectors and investors.

The turnaround time for NGC coin grading can vary based on the service level chosen, current submission volumes, and other factors. Standard service typically takes several weeks, but expedited services are available for an additional fee.