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Shipwreck Coins

Shipwreck coins

Many collectors are interested in shipwreck coins that have been salvaged from the wrecks of famous ships that have sunk. These coins are rare and unusual. They have become popular with collectors who are interested in the coin’s history and the stories of the courageous men who sailed on the ships. Many sailors died due to the sea's hazardous conditions as they journeyed to collect cargo of the New Worlds. Others were victims of pirate attacks. There were many shipwrecks off the Spanish coast and in the waters that stretch from the Caribbean to Florida. Several famous ships sunk off the coast of England, and these were often Dutch or Portuguese ships that were bringing cargo back to Europe.

Many coin collectors relish the thought of owning a coin that has been recovered from the ocean floor after a tragic and dramatic sinking. Popular shipwreck coins are those from the 1622 Atocha Spanish galleon Shipwreck or the 1808 Admiral Gardner wreck. There are often Intriguing legends that help to increase interest in such currencies. Coins that are salvaged off shipwrecks are encrusted as they have spent years in the sea. In many cases, shells oxidize over the coins or their surface structure and color changes due to being submerged in salty water.

Atocha shipwreck coins

The Atocha shipwreck coins are silver and gold Spanish coins that were salvaged from the shipwreck of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha. The ship struck a reef near the Florida Keys after being caught in a raging storm on September the 6th, 1622. The vessel was laden with treasure, including 200,000 hand stamped silver coins from mints in Mexico, Potosi, and Lima. 

Over two hundred and sixty people perished in the water, along with tons of coins and precious metal items. For hundreds of years, attempts to locate the Atocha shipwreck failed. In 1985 Treasure Salvors finally found the wreckage. 

Atocha Shipwreck gold coins

Only 128 gold coins have been recovered from the wreck of the Atocha. These coins were minted in Spain and were owned by wealthy passengers. Gold coins from the Atocha wreck are very rare and highly sought after by collectors, dealers, and historians alike. 

Admiral Gardner shipwreck coin

The Admiral Gardener was shipwrecked as it crossed the English Channel on the 25th of January 1809. The ship was headed for India but was caught in a violent storm at the beginning of the journey. One crew member died when the ship ran aground on Godwin Sands, where the rest of the crew were able to disembark. 

The Admiral Gardner was carrying a precious cargo that contained hundreds of copper coins. These coins were submerged for almost two hundred years before being salvaged.

A popular coin from the Admiral Gardner is the 1808 ten cash coin, which was minted in East India. The coin's obverse features a shield and the words ‘East India Company.’ The coin's reverse has “ten cash is equal to two falus,” which is written in Persian. 

El Cazador shipwreck coins

The El Cazador was a Spanish warship that seemingly disappeared without a trace in 1784. The ship was on route from Vera Cruz in Mexico to New Orleans but never made it due to poor sailing conditions caused by treacherous waters. 

The El Cazador shipwreck lay undiscovered for centuries and was eventually discovered by accident on the 2nd of August 1993 by fishermen who were working nearby. 

El Cazador was loaded with treasure, which included over 400,000 coins from the mint in Mexico City. The money was intended to be used to help stabilize the Spanish economy in colonial North America. 

The coins salvaged were eight reales, which were minted between 1779 and 1783. These coins are very rare and highly collectible. They feature the bust of Charles the third on the obverse and a shield and crown on the reverse. 

Shipwreck coins for sale

Bullion Shark has an extensive collection of shipwreck coins from several different wrecks, including the Atocha, El Cazador, and Admiral Gardner. Shipwreck coins are rare and interesting, especially the gold coins, which have a higher value.

These coins are a great starting point for coin collectors who would like to own a piece of history. Each coin is certified by NGC which not only proves its authenticity, but proves which ship its from. You'll receive a Certificate of Authenticity which also gives details of the shipwrecks history.

Shipwreck Coins