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The Atocha sank in 1622 off of Key West. Countless cob8 Reales and 4 Reales coins went down with the ship. Collectors now ardently seek treasure from this wreck.

The Nuestra Senora de las Maravillas sank off the coast of Grand Bahama Island in 1656. On board were valuable “piece of eight” coins that collectors now treasure.

The Concepcion sank in 1641 off the coast of Hispaniola. Not long after, The Consolacion sank in 1681 off Stan Clara Island in Ecuador. These Spanish ships, too, have been the source of salvaged Spanish gold Escudos and other rare currency. 

Over a century later came the shipwrecks of the war of 1812, including The HMS Admiral Gardner, followed by the wrecks of the Civil War. Both The S.S. New York and The S.S. Central America sank with countless silver ingots on board. Not long after, The S.S. Republic sank in 1865 at the end of the Civil War near Georgia. 

As you can see, the sea is home to countless wrecks that housed rare loot. At Bullion Shark, you can add some of the rarest of this currency to your collection.

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These are some of the most sought-after and valuable collectibles in the numismatic hobby. Rare coins from shipwrecks are often discovered when scuba divers explore sunken ships, making them fascinating artifacts with a unique history. 

Collectors of shipwreck coins from around the world seek out these coins for their rarity, aesthetic beauty, and historical significance. These rare and interesting coins are sought after by collectors worldwide. 

Bullion Shark’s Treasure Coin Offerings

Bullion Shark’s exclusive ancient coins from shipwrecks have never been available to the public before are among the best in the industry. Our team of numismatic experts carefully curates each selection of coins, including rare and hard-to-find denominations from Spain, such as the El Cazador 1/2 Reale NGC-certified coin. 

As part of these offerings, collectors can find coins recovered from the famous 1784 brigantine, which sank in the Gulf of Mexico just off the coast of present-day Louisiana. These coins have been authenticated by experts at NGC and are highly sought-after by collectors for their rarity and historical significance. 

This is just a sample of the rare and unique shipwreck coins available from Bullion Shark. Our extensive inventory includes a wide range of coins from shipwrecks, including shipwreck silver coins, gold coins, and rare SpanishReale coins.

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Many of our shipwreck coinsare backed certified by NGC, the world’s leading third-party authentication and grading service.

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Bullion Shark’s shipwreck gold coins make great additions to any numismatic collection. Browse our website today and explore our full selection of rare coins from various shipwrecks.

Our expert team is always available to answer your questions and help you find the right coins for your collection. We also offer a wide array of rare U.S. Half Dollars, Civil War-era coins, and much more. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity — start collecting treasure today with Bullion Shark.

Shipwreck Coins FAQs

Shipwreck coins are coins that have been recovered from shipwrecks, typically from vessels that have sunk at sea or in other bodies of water.
Shipwreck coins offer a unique window into history, as they provide insights into the trade, economy, and cultures of the time when the shipwrecks occurred. They also offer a glimpse into the circulation and use of coins in specific regions.
Recovering shipwreck coins involves underwater archaeology and diving expeditions. Archaeologists use specialized equipment and methods to excavate and preserve the coins while protecting the surrounding underwater environment.
Shipwreck coins have both historical and numismatic value. Collectors are often drawn to these coins because of their historical significance and the unique stories associated with each shipwreck.
Yes, some regions, such as the Caribbean, Florida Keys, Mediterranean Sea, and Southeast Asia, are known for their rich history of shipwrecks and have yielded numerous shipwreck coin discoveries
Yes, shipwreck coins can provide valuable insights into the technology and minting techniques of the eras in which they were produced. They may reveal details about coin production, metal composition, and design characteristics.
Shipwreck coins are typically made of metals like gold, silver, and copper alloys. These materials can have varying degrees of resistance to corrosion, which impacts their preservation underwater.
Shipwreck coin discoveries continue to be made around the world. The most valuable or historically significant discoveries can change over time as new wrecks are explored and documented.
The legality of exploring and recovering shipwreck coins depends on various factors, including the location of the shipwreck and international, national, and local regulations. Legal divers and treasure hunters must adhere to these regulations.
Shipwreck coins can originate from various ancient civilizations, including the Roman Empire, ancient Greece, Phoenician city-states, and other Mediterranean cultures. Shipwrecks can also be found in waters around ancient trade routes like the Silk Road.