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American Gold Eagles

The American Gold Eagle began being minted in 1986 like the American Silver Eagle. It is still being minted today. The design of this coin consists of the same obverse of the Saint Gaudens double eagle. The obverse features a full-bodied liberty standing over the sunrise while the reverse is a family of eagles gathering together. The reverse was designed by Miley Busiek. The reason for the American Gold Eagle creation was to compete with other countries’ gold coins. 

American Gold Eagle Value

There are $5, $10 $25, and $50 versions of the American Gold Eagle. The higher the denomination, the more gold in each coin. The $5 is one tenth ounce of gold, the $10 a quarter, the $25 a half, and the $50 one full ounce. These coins range in value drastically depending on the date, denomination, mint mark, and year of issue. Some of the key dates are the 1988 $50 coins, 1990 $25 proof coins, 1993 $10 proof coins. American Gold Eagles can range from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Where to get American Gold Eagles 

You can get American Gold Eagles at Bullion Shark, we carry all kinds of finishes like proofs, mint states, burnished, and reverse proofs. We carry all types of conditions as well such as uncertified, 69 grades, and perfect grade 70s.