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The United States Exclusive Modern Rarities collection features a selection of highly unique and collectible coins, medals, and notes that stand out for their historical significance, rarity, and innovative designs. This category includes a range of items from brilliantly uncirculated coins to perfectly graded specimens and precious metal notes, catering to both seasoned collectors and those looking for distinctive numismatic pieces.

1986 Statue of Liberty Silver Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated This coin was issued to commemorate the centennial of the Statue of Liberty. Struck in 1986, it features a depiction of the Statue of Liberty on the obverse and an image of immigrants arriving at Ellis Island on the reverse. As a brilliant uncirculated coin, it retains its original luster, making it a prized piece for collectors.

1982-S George Washington Half Dollar - GEM Proof in OGP Released in 1982, this was the first modern U.S. commemorative coin. It honors the 250th anniversary of the birth of George Washington. Presented in Gem Proof condition and housed in its Original Government Packaging (OGP), this coin showcases exceptional craftsmanship with a mirror-like finish.

2001-D Silver Buffalo PCGS MS70 - The Only Silver Buffalo The 2001-D Silver Buffalo Coin, inspired by James Earle Fraser’s classic 1913 Buffalo Nickel design, is a sought-after collectible. Graded MS70 by the Professional Coin Grading Service, it represents perfection in minting, with no post-production imperfections at 5x magnification.

100 Milligram 24Kt Gold Aurum Liberty Note This innovative note comprises a precise quantity of pure gold between layers of durable polyester, featuring a stunning design of Lady Liberty. It combines the artistry of traditional currency design with the intrinsic value of pure gold.

1950–1969 Jamaica Half Penny PCGS Certified World Trade Center Ground Zero Recovery A piece of history, this coin was recovered from the Ground Zero site of the World Trade Center attacks in 2001. Certified by PCGS, it not only represents numismatic interest but also holds significant historical value.

10 New Hampshire Goldback Aurum 24kt Gold Foil Note Part of an innovative series of voluntary currency, the New Hampshire Goldback features beautiful, intricate designs printed on a thin layer of 24kt gold. These notes are both a form of art and a usable form of gold bullion.

2024 1 oz Silver Britannia and Liberty NGC MS70 - First Releases This coin, a symbol of transatlantic friendship, features iconic symbols from both Britain and the United States. Graded MS70 by NGC as First Releases, it marks exceptional quality and collector interest from the moment of its issue.

2022-P Bronco Silver Medal NGC PF70 UCAM ER - Mike Castle Struck at the Philadelphia Mint, this pure silver medal features a bronco and is graded PF70 UCAM (Ultra Cameo) by NGC, indicating a flawless specimen with a strong cameo effect. It's part of a signature series by Mike Castle, known as the "Coinage Congressman."

Santa Bucks 1/10th Gram .999 Gold Aurum Note A festive and innovative collectible, this tiny gold note contains 1/10th gram of .999 fine gold and features a holiday-themed design. It combines collectibility with a splash of holiday cheer and the intrinsic value of gold.