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Jefferson Nickels

The Jefferson nickel is our current nickel used in circulation today. Th Jefferson Nickel was minted from 1938- present day. When the Jefferson Nickel was first released into circulation it was barely seen because people hoarded them away. The Jefferson nickel was minted during World War II and from 1942-1945 it was minted in 35% silver. Due to its mintage time collectors nowadays refer to these coins as War nickels. The Jefferson nickel’s design consists of a left-facing portrait of Thomas Jefferson, and the reverse depicted Thomas Jefferson’s plantation “Monticello”. The nickel has had many designs since its initial mintage. The original design was created by Felix Schlag.

Jefferson Nickel Values

There many kinds of Jefferson nickels with many different designs, some of them contain silver, some of them are just simply rarer than others, and others are just well kept. Throughout U.S. history the nickel has been minted in abundance. Some of the rarer Jefferson nickels are 1939-D, 1939-S, and the 1942-D. The coins minted from 1942-1945 are slightly more valuable due to the silver content. The nickels minted from 1942-1945 are composed of 35% silver, 56% copper, and 9% manganese. Often Jefferson Nickels can be found in uncirculated condition for $10-$20, however some of the key dates in the series can be thousands of dollars in higher mint state condition.

Where to get Jefferson Nickels

There are multiple ways to purchase Jefferson nickels, you can buy them individually, graded and protected from third-party grading services, rolls, or even albums. You can get Jefferson nickels anyway you want at Bullion shark, via online or from a phone call.


Jefferson Nickels

Jefferson Nickel Coins FAQ

5 grams of composed of .750 copper and .250
1942-1945 WW2
56% copper 35% copper and 9% manganese.
This was done to save copper and nickel for the war effort.
Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.
Felix Schlag.