1909 VDB Lincoln Penny

1909 VDB Lincoln Penny

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Buy 1909 VDB Penny Online!

Looking to buy 1909 VDB Penny? The 1909 Wheat Penny has a scandalous reputation in the numismatic history of the U.S. The first year of minting these coins resulted in the designer Victor D. Brenner's initials "VDB" being prominently struck into the coin's reverse. Newspapers across the country abhorred the tackiness of his initials on the coin! The uproar caused the U.S. Mint to quickly remove that design feature. Thus, the 1909 VDB penny is quite the collector's item, since it was only struck for a few months in 1909, and then never again. 
Even though this is not the ultra-rare 1909-S VDB Wheat Penny, it is exactly the same just without the "S" mintmark. You will receive (1) coin in circulated F-VF condition. Grab your own 1909 VDB Wheat Penny at an absolute steal today!
  • Minted in 1909 only
  • Fabled prominent VDB design on the reverse
  • Purchase it for far less than the Redbook value!

*Please note the "VDB" may be faint on some pieces due to their age and circulation.*

1909 VDB Lincoln Penny For Sale

History: The 1909 VDB Lincoln Penny marks the inaugural year of the Lincoln cent series, which has become one of the most enduring and beloved coinage designs in American history. Introduced to commemorate the 100th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's birth, its design was a significant departure from previous American coinage, featuring a realistic portrait of a historical figure.

Design Excellence: The obverse of the penny showcases the iconic profile of Abraham Lincoln, designed by Victor David Brenner, whose initials "VDB" are famously inscribed on the reverse of this initial release. The reverse design features two wheat ears flanking the words "ONE CENT" and "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," symbolizing the nation's agricultural heritage.

Significance of the VDB Initials: The inclusion of Brenner's initials, VDB, on the reverse at the bottom center of the coin was a point of contention that led to their removal in later mintages, making the 1909 VDB version especially sought after by collectors for its uniqueness and historical significance.

Condition and Rarity: Our 1909 VDB Lincoln Pennies are available in a range of conditions to suit both seasoned collectors and those new to the hobby. This coin's value is significantly influenced by its condition, with well-preserved examples commanding higher prices. The 1909 VDB is particularly prized for its rarity and the story behind its design.

At Bullion Shark, we are committed to offering our clients the highest quality collectible coins, backed by our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction. Each 1909 VDB Lincoln Penny has been carefully selected and authenticated, ensuring you receive a piece of history that meets our strict standards of quality and authenticity.

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1909 VDB Penny FAQ

The 1909 VDB Penny is special because it marks the first year of the Lincoln Wheat Penny series and features the initials "VDB" of its designer, Victor David Brenner, on the reverse. This combination of first-year issuance and the unique VDB engraving makes it a highly sought-after piece among collectors.

The "VDB" on the 1909 Wheat Penny represents the initials of Victor David Brenner, the coin's designer. These initials are prominently placed on the reverse of the coin at the bottom, making the 1909 VDB edition distinct from later issues where the initials were either removed or placed in a less conspicuous location.

To identify a genuine 1909 VDB Penny, look for clear, sharp details in Lincoln's portrait and the wheat stalks on the reverse. The initials "VDB" should be visible on the reverse side at the bottom. Authenticating a coin through a reputable grading service can also ensure its genuineness.

The value of a 1909 VDB Penny varies significantly based on its condition, with prices ranging from a few dollars for coins in lower grades to several thousand dollars for those in uncirculated condition with full original luster.

You can buy a 1909 VDB Penny from reputable coin dealer such as Bullion Shark, numismatic auctions, online marketplaces, and coin shows. Ensure the seller is reputable, especially when purchasing higher-grade coins or those with a significant price tag.

The 1909 VDB penny itself is considered desirable due to its historical significance. However, the 1909 S VDB Penny, with the "S" mint mark from the San Francisco Mint, is a rarer variant and commands a higher value among collectors.

Store your 1909 VDB Penny in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Use acid-free holders or albums designed for coin storage to protect the coin from environmental damage and preserve its condition.

Factors affecting the price of a 1909 VDB Penny include its condition (grade), any unique characteristics (such as errors), and market demand. Coins in higher grades or with rare errors are typically more valuable.

The 1909 VDB Wheat Penny can be a good investment, especially for coins in higher grades or those with historical significance. Its iconic status, combined with its appeal to collectors, can contribute to its appreciation over time.

When buying a 1909 VDB Wheat Penny online, look for clear, detailed images of the coin, information about its condition or grade, and the seller's reputation. Consider purchasing from sellers who offer authentication or certification from reputable grading services to ensure the coin's authenticity and condition.

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