How Many Coins In A Roll?

How Many Coins Are in a Standard Roll of Coins?

All collectors should know the amount of coins they are purchasing when they buy a roll of coins. How many coins come in a roll can vastly change whether a purchase is a good deal or great deal. Many collectors get confused as to how many coins in a roll. Rightfully so, as each different denomination of coins can have a different amount that go in a roll. Here we will break down every type of roll by coin, including Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars, and Dollars

How many pennies come in a roll?

Many coin collectors ask “how many pennies come in a roll?”, well the answer is typically 50 pennies. The type of pennies that come in rolls of 50 are Lincoln Cents, Indian Head Pennies, and Steel Pennies. If you find that after purchasing a roll of these pennies there are less than 50 coins then you just lost money. The face value of a roll of pennies is exactly what it sounds like it’s 50 cents.

The type of pennies that do not come in rolls of 50 coins are Flying Eagle Pennies, Large Cents, and Two Cent Pennies. The reason for this is because these coins are typically very valuable, even in circulated condition, thus often are sold individually, not in rolls. 

The value of a roll of pennies changes depending on the kind of penny it is. The value of a roll of pennies also is determined by the quality of the coins inside that roll.  

How many nickels in a roll?

Many collectors often ask the question "how many Nickels in a roll"? In roll of nickels there are only 40 coins instead of 50 like in the penny rolls. A roll of nickels is equal to two dollars face value. This means that 20 nickels make a dollar. The value of these nickel rolls are determined based on a variety of factors. These factors are as follows: 1) the year and mint mark of the coin, 2) the scarcity of the nickel, 3) the condition, 4) the supply and demand of the nickel, 5) the precious metal content, if any in the nickel.

Currently, the Jefferson Nickel is the one that is used as currency in circulation. The other nickels that have been minted throughout history by the U.S Mint are the Buffalo Nickel, the Three Cent Nickel, and The V Nickel. 

How many dimes in a roll?

Collectors also ask "how many Dimes in a roll"? In a roll of dimes there are 50 coins and the face value of a roll is $5. As stated before the values of rolls are conditional, such as a roll of AU mercury dimes will cost around $190, whereas a roll of Roosevelt dimes from recent years could only be worth face value. 

Typically, collectors buy rolls of all dimes such as Roosevelt Dimes, Mercury Dimes, and Barber Dimes. These rolls can be purchased in qualities ranging from circulated to brilliant uncirculated. Of course the better the quality the more expensive the rolls become. Collectors love purchasing rolls of dimes because they all contain 90% silver if produced prior to 1965. Each roll of silver dimes contains approximately 3.575 troy ounces of silver. Often collectors will go coin roll hunting at the banks to hope to get some silver coins in them. 

How many quarters in a roll?

Collectors also often ask the question "how many Quarters in a roll"? The quarter rolls have the same amount of coins as nickel rolls, which is 40 per roll. The value of a roll of quarters is $10. Collectors would love to get their hands on rare quarters such as Bust quarters. But those quarters are hard to come by in decent condition due to their age. 

The quarters that usually come in rolls of 40 coins are the Washington Quarters, both in proof and mint state condition, and sometimes Standing Liberty Quarters. The other quarters that have been produced such as the Draped Bust Quarters, Barber Quarters, Seated Liberty Quarters, and Capped Bust Quarters don't come in rolls because of how expensive each coin is, even in circulated condition. 

How many half dollars in a roll?

Half Dollars are much larger than the rest of the coins and therefore less come to a roll. Half Dollar Rolls have 20 coins to each roll. Each roll of half dollars has a face value of $10. The half dollars that are often collected in rolls are the Kennedy Half Dollars, Franklin Half Dollars, and Walking Liberty Half Dollars. The half dollars that are not collected in rolls are Barber Half Dollars, Seated Liberty Half Dollars, Capped Bust Half Dollars, Draped Bust Half Dollars, and Flowing Hair Half Dollars. These aren't collected in rolls because they are often too expensive per coin and too rare. Once again half dollars prior to 1965 are often collected for their silver content because each one is 90% silver. One of the most popular being the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar. 

How many dollars in a roll?

Dollars also have 20 coins per roll, and you guessed it, the face value of a roll of dollars is $20. The popular dollars that are collected in rolls are Morgan Silver Dollars and Peace Dollars. More often than not common date Morgan Silver Dollars, such as the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar will be found in rolls. Key date Morgan Dollars such as the 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar will not be because just one coin in uncirculated condition could cost you north of $100,000! Other silver dollars such as the Trade Dollars, Seated Liberty Dollars, Gobrecht Dollars, Draped Bust Dollars, and Flowing Hair Dollars will not ever be found in rolls. 

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