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Capped Bust Quarter Coin FAQs

The Capped Bust design, used on the Capped Bust Quarter as well as other denominations, was created by John Reich. He was an assistant engraver at the U.S. Mint. The design features Liberty wearing a cap, which is where the name "Capped Bust" comes from. John Reich's Capped Bust design was a significant departure from the previous Draped Bust design and was used on various U.S. coin denominations during the early 19th century.
2. Large diameter and reduced diameter.
No. The second design (reduced diameter) was designed by Willam Kneas.
6.74 grams of .8924 silver and .1076 of copper.
The Capped Bust Quarter was produced exclusively at the Philadelphia Mint. During the time the Capped Bust design was in use for quarters (1815-1838), the Philadelphia Mint was the primary minting facility producing this denomination. As a result, Capped Bust Quarters do not have any mint marks, since coins produced in Philadelphia did not carry a mint mark until much later. Other branch mints were established in later years, but during the Capped Bust Quarter's production run, only the Philadelphia Mint produced them.