1883-1913 Liberty Head "V" Nickel (Roll of 40)

1883-1913 Liberty Head "V" Nickel (Roll of 40)

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Buy A Roll Of Liberty Head "V" Nickel Online

The "V Nickel" is best known for the fact that it was originally minted without the word "Cents" on the coin in 1883. Only a little ways into the year, it was realized that people were plating these coins in gold and trying to pass them off as $5 Gold Coins! And you bet, $5 was a fair amount of money in 1883! The word "Cents" was added later in 1883, to put an end to this. The "V Nickel" has one of the most iconic designs with a left facing Liberty Head on the obverse and a large roman numeral "V" on the reverse. 

Historical Significance: Introduced in 1883, these nickels showcase the iconic Liberty Head design, with the Roman numeral V encircled by a robust wreath on the reverse—a symbol of peace and prosperity.

Date Range: Spanning from 1883 to 1913, this roll has random dates. Specific dates are not guaranteed.

The Liberty Head "V" Nickel is a classic and historic coin that was minted by the United States from 1883 to 1913. These nickels are highly valued by collectors due to their historical significance and unique design. Here's a description and some details about the coin:

Liberty Head "V" Nickel Roll for Sale:

  • Years Minted: 1883-1913
  • Composition: 75% copper, 25% nickel
  • Diameter: 21.2 mm
  • Weight: 5 grams per coin
  • Design:
    • Obverse: Features the profile of Lady Liberty wearing a coronet inscribed with the word "LIBERTY". The date of minting is also present on the obverse side.
    • Reverse: Displays a large Roman numeral "V" (representing five cents) surrounded by a wreath. The words "E PLURIBUS UNUM" appear above the wreath, with "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" inscribed around the edge.

Why Collect Liberty Head "V" Nickels?

  1. Historical Value: These coins were produced during a fascinating period of American history, making them a great addition to any collection.
  2. Design: The intricate design is a testament to the craftsmanship of the time.

Purchasing a Liberty Head "V" Nickels Roll:

A roll typically contains 40 Liberty Head "V" Nickels.

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The Liberty Head "V" Nickel, also known as the V Nickel, was a five-cent coin minted by the United States from 1883 to 1913. It features the head of Lady Liberty on the obverse and a large Roman numeral V on the reverse.

Collecting coins in rolls is a popular way for collectors to acquire multiple coins at once, often at a lower cost per coin than buying individually. Rolls of Liberty Head "V" Nickels allow collectors to build their collections more quickly and offer the thrill of discovering coins with varying dates, mint marks, and conditions.

The value of a roll of Liberty Head "V" Nickels depends on the condition of the coins, rare dates or mint marks, and overall market demand. A standard roll could range from $100 to several hundred dollars, with specific high-value nickels (like the 1912-S or the 1885 and 1886 key dates) increasing the value significantly if present.

It is extremely rare to find Liberty Head "V" Nickels in circulation today due to their age and collector interest. Most are now part of collections or held by dealers.

Store rolls in a cool, dry place, ideally in a coin tube or paper roll that is designed for coin storage. Avoid environments with extreme temperature changes and humidity, which can cause damage to the coins.

Liberty Head "V" Nickels were minted at several U.S. Mint branches, but not all coins bear mint marks. Coins minted in Philadelphia have no mint mark, while those from San Francisco bear an "S," and coins from Denver have a "D." Not all years have coins from all mints.

The rarest Liberty Head "V" Nickel is the 1913 version. Only five known specimens exist, making it one of the most sought-after coins in American numismatics. These coins can sell for millions of dollars at auction.

Coin condition is graded on a scale from Poor (P) to Mint State (MS). Key factors include the wear on the coin, clarity of the design details, and overall eye appeal. Professional grading services like PCGS or NGC can provide an official grade.

The coin is called a "V" Nickel because of the large Roman numeral "V" (which represents the number five) on the reverse side, indicating its denomination of five cents.

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