1967 SMS Kennedy Half Dollar - GEM Uncirculated (Last Year of Issue)

1967 SMS Kennedy Half Dollar - GEM Uncirculated (Last Year of Issue)

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Buy 1967 SMS Kennedy Half Dollar Online!


The 1967 SMS Kennedy half dollar marks the final year of issue in the special mint set series. These half dollars come in Gem Uncirculated condition, meaning if sent in for grading these coins would grade MS65 or higher! Order the last SMS Kennedy half dollar today from Bullion Shark!


During the mid-1960s, a shortage of coinage materials prompted a pause in production of the annual proof sets. In response, the Special Mint Set was introduced from 1965 to 1967 to cater to the demands of collectors. The inclusion of the 40% silver proof Kennedy half dollar in these sets added to their allure and rarity.


With a mintage of just 1,800,000 in 1967, these SMS Kennedy half dollars are a rarity to find in this condition today. As such, they hold a special place in American numismatic collections. Even to more casual collectors, these coins have value in their silver content, all of these being 40% silver coins! Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your collection with this special Kennedy half dollar from the iconic SMS series.


Why Collect The 1967 SMS Kennedy Half Dollar?


  1. This coin was part of the 1967 Special Mint Set.
  2. These are all 40% silver coins.
  3. These are in Gem Uncirculated condition, which means if sent in for grading they would all come back MS65 or higher!
  4. The SMS mintage numbers were far lower than the circulated coins, making these Kennedy half dollars much rarer than the others minted in 1967!
  5. 1967 is the last year of issue of the Special Mint Set.
  6. The SMS finish is different than the business strike and proof coins, and can only be found on SMS coins!


1967 SMS Kennedy Half Dollar Gem Uncirculated Coin Details:


Designer: Gilroy Roberts/Frank Gasparro

Edge: 150 Reeds

Diameter: 30.61 millimeters

Weight: 11.50 grams

Mintage: 1,800,000

Mint: Philadelphia

Metal: 40% Silver, 60% Copper


History and Value: The term "SMS" stands for Special Mint Set. In 1965, 1966, and 1967, the United States Mint produced coins in special sets known as Special Mint Sets (SMS). These sets were created as a replacement for the traditional proof sets, which were temporarily suspended due to rising demand for circulating coins.


The 1967 SMS Kennedy half dollar is one such coin. These coins were produced with a higher quality finish than regular circulation strikes but were not intended for collectors in the same way that proof coins are. They often have sharper details and more brilliant surfaces compared to business strike coins, but they lack the mirror-like fields and frosted devices of true proof coins.


These SMS coins are relatively scarce compared to regular circulation strikes and can carry a premium among collectors, particularly in higher grades. As with any collectible coin, condition and rarity play significant roles in determining its value.

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1967 SMS Kennedy Half Dollar - GEM Uncirculated (Last Year of Issue) FAQ

"SMS" stands for "Special Mint Set," which refers to a special type of coin set produced by the U.S. Mint from 1965-1967. These coins were struck using specially polished dies, resulting in a sharper, more detailed strike compared to regular coins.

Gem Uncirculated 1967 SMS Kennedy Half Dollars are relatively rare compared to their circulated counterparts. Only a small number of these half dollars survive in this condition.

The value of a Gem Uncirculated 1967 SMS Kennedy Half Dollar can vary depending on factors such as its condition, rarity, and current market demand. In this condition they generally are found for around $25.

Identifying a 1967 SMS Kennedy Half Dollar typically involves examining the coin's characteristics, such as its sharp strike, satin-like finish, and absence of mint marks. Authentication by a reputable coin grading service can also confirm its SMS designation.

Gem Uncirculated 1967 SMS Kennedy Half Dollars can be purchased from Bullion Shark! They can also be purchased from other reputable coin dealers, online marketplaces, auctions, and coin shows. It's essential to ensure the authenticity and quality of the coin when making a purchase.

The main differences between a regular 1967 Kennedy Half Dollar and a Gem Uncirculated SMS version lie in their striking quality and finish. SMS coins exhibit sharper details and a satin-like texture compared to the standard business strike coins.

To protect and preserve a Gem Uncirculated 1967 SMS Kennedy Half Dollar, it's recommended to store it in a protective holder or capsule to prevent scratches and damage. Additionally, storing the coin in a stable environment with controlled temperature and humidity can help maintain its condition.

The U.S. Mint produced Special Mint Set coins, including the 1967 SMS Kennedy Half Dollars, as a response to shortages in the early 1960s, the annual proof sets were not released during this time.

While it's theoretically possible to find Gem Uncirculated 1967 SMS Kennedy Half Dollars in circulation, the chances are extremely slim. These coins were originally sold in special sets and were not intended for circulation, making them rare finds in everyday transactions.

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