1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated

1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated

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Buy 1964 D Kennedy Half Dollar Online!


The 1964 D Kennedy Half Dollar is one of the most popular coins in the series amongst collectors. These coins are highly prized due to their silver content, 1964 being the only year they were composed of 90% silver. This is also the first year of the Kennedy Half Dollar, making it a great addition to any coin collection! Purchase 1964 D Kennedy Half Dollars online now from Bullion Shark!


These Kennedy Half Dollars are in brilliant uncirculated condition. The Kennedy Half Dollar was originally made in 1964 and consisted of 90% silver. Then from 1965-1970 the mint reduced the silver content to only 40% silver and then eventually in 1971 to clad. Moreover, the Kennedy Half Dollar was made to commemorate the assassination of president John F. Kennedy.


On top of purchasing these sought after coins, they are also in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Each coin is in incredible condition and will be a stand out addition to your collection!


Why Collect 1964 D Kennedy Half Dollars?


  1. Twice as rare as the 1964 P, half as many minted!
  2. Produced only a few months after the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
  3. Brilliant Uncirculated condition, they are in pristine condition!
  4. The only Kennedy Coin distributed for circulation as actual currency in the U.S.
  5. Only 90% silver year of the Kennedy Half Dollar


1964 D Kennedy Half Dollar Coin Details


Designer: Roberts/Frank Gasparro

Edge: Reeded

Diameter: 31.00 millimeters

Weight: 12.50 grams

Mintage: 156,205,446

Mint: Denver

Metal: 90% Silver, 10% Copper


Mint State Finish / Business Strike Finish


There are a number of 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollars specifically that were minted with a doubled die error. This means that these error coins will have both sets of letters on the coin produce a doubled effect. The lettering portrayed on these coins will appear as if they are printed twice on the coin, or overlying each other slightly. 

The 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition is a highly sought-after coin among collectors. This coin has several noteworthy features and attributes that make it particularly appealing:


Introduction and Significance: The Kennedy Half Dollar was introduced in 1964 as a tribute to President John F. Kennedy following his assassination in 1963. It was an instant hit among the public due to its sentimental value and the admiration many had for Kennedy.


Mint and Mintage Numbers: The "D" in 1964-D indicates that the coin was minted at the Denver Mint. The 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar had a very high mintage due to the initial high demand, making it one of the most plentiful Kennedy Half Dollars.


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1964 D Kennedy Half Dollar FAQ

The value of a 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar in BU condition can vary based on the specific quality, but typically starting from $20.

You can buy  1964 D Kennedy Half Dollar at Bullion Shark and other reputable rare coin dealers.

"Brilliant Uncirculated" refers to a coin that has never been in circulation and retains its original mint luster, showing no signs of wear.

The primary marking to look for is the "D" mint mark located on the reverse side of the coin, just below the eagle, which indicates it was minted in Denver.

Authenticity can be verified through professional grading services like PCGS or NGC, or by consulting with a trusted coin dealer.

The 1964-D was one of the first Kennedy Half Dollars minted and is notable for being made of 90% silver, which was changed in later years.

Store the coin in a cool, dry place in a coin holder or album to prevent scratches and tarnish. Avoid handling the coin directly to protect its surface from oils and dirt.

It is highly unlikely to find a BU condition 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar in circulation today due to their collectibility and the fact that they were quickly pulled from circulation by collectors.

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