1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Roll Circulated - (20 Coins)

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Roll Circulated - (20 Coins)

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Buy 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Roll Online!


The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar marked the beginning of one of the most popular circulated American coins, as well as one of the most popular coins amongst collectors! 1964 was the first year of issue for the Kennedy half dollar design, and the only year they were distributed for circulation in 90% silver! Order this roll of Kennedy half dollars and a piece of history from Bullion Shark today!


Starting in 1965, Kennedy half dollars were no longer minted in 90% silver for circulation, making these 1964 coins a unique piece to add to your collection. These coins were first produced just months after the unfortunate assassination of John F. Kennedy, and continue to be minted to this day!


This roll of Kennedy half dollars includes only the 1964 90% silver coins. The obverse of the coin features an image of Kennedy looking to the left and has the word Liberty above his head. The reverse features an adaptation of the Great Seal of the United States which shows an eagle with spread wings holding an olive branch and arrows in its claws. 


Why Collect 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars?


  1. The only Kennedy Coin distributed for circulation as actual currency in the U.S.
  2. Only 90% silver year of the Kennedy half dollar.
  3. The roll comes with 20 coins!
  4. First year of issue of the Kennedy half dollar design. 
  5. One of the most popular and long living series of coinage in U.S. history!


1964 Circulated Kennedy Half Dollar Roll Coin Details:


Designer: Roberts/Frank Gasparro

Edge: Reeded

Diameter: 31.00 millimeters

Weight: 12.50 grams

Metal: 90% Silver, 10% Copper


History: The US Mint produced the first Kennedy half dollars in 1964, just a few months after the assassination of President Kennedy. The whole nation was in mourning and Congress quickly passed a law to end production of the Franklin half dollar and replace it with a new coin to commemorate the life of Kennedy. Gilroy Roberts designed the obverse of the coin which features an image of Kennedy and Frank Gasparro created the American eagle on the reverse. The designs used were modified versions of those already created for use on the Presidential medal. President Kennedy had already approved the medal design before his death. The coin is still minted in the present day but it is now struck from copper and nickel. The 1964 Kennedy half dollar was minted in San Francisco, Denver, and Philadelphia.


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1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Roll Circulated - (20 Coins) FAQ

A roll of 1964 Kennedy half dollars typically contains 20 coins. These coins were minted in 1964 and are 90% silver, making them highly sought after by collectors and investors due to their silver content and historical significance.

The value of a roll of 1964 Kennedy half dollars depends on factors such as the current price of silver, overall condition of the coins, and collector demand. As of recent years, a roll of 1964 Kennedy half dollars can fetch a significant premium above their face value due to their silver content.

Rolls of 1964 Kennedy half dollars can be purchased from Bullion Shark! They can also be purchased from other reputable coin dealers, online auction sites, and coin shows.

Yes, all 1964 Kennedy half dollars are composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. This composition was changed in 1965 when the U.S. Mint transitioned to a copper-nickel clad composition for half dollars.

Authenticating a 1964 Kennedy half dollar involves examining its weight, dimensions, and specific features such as the design details and edge lettering. Additionally, consulting with a reputable coin expert or using specialized equipment can help confirm its authenticity.

A 1964 Kennedy half dollar weighs approximately 12.5 grams, with a composition of 90% silver and 10% copper. The diameter of the coin is 30.6 millimeters.

1964 Kennedy half dollars are valuable due to their silver content, historical significance, and popularity among collectors. They were issued in memory of President John F. Kennedy following his assassination in 1963, adding to their appeal.

While millions of 1964 Kennedy half dollars were minted, their rarity is influenced by factors such as survival rates, condition, and collector demand. Despite their relatively high mintage, finding them in uncirculated condition or as part of original rolls can be challenging.

While 1964 Kennedy half dollars are still legal tender, their silver content and collectible value typically far exceed their face value. Most people consider them more as collectibles or investments rather than using them in everyday transactions.

Storing 1964 Kennedy half dollars in a protective holder or coin capsule can help preserve their condition and prevent damage from handling or environmental factors. Additionally, keeping them in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight and moisture is recommended for long-term preservation.

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