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The silver eagle is a must-have in any coin collection. Silver Eagle Coins were produced from 1986 and are still being minted today. It’s a large coin that is highly sought after and collected worldwide. The most popular and valuable coins are those that were minted in 1986 and 1999, buy silver eagle online today! 

Silver Eagle coins are larger coins, with a diameter of 40.6 mm. Proofs have a thickness of 3.1mm, which is slightly thicker than the 2.98 mm uncirculated coins. All silver eagle coins weigh 1 oz and are made from 99% silver and 1% copper. 

American Silver Eagle History

In 1985 President Ronald Reagan started a program to improve America's coins. The silver eagle was created using the walking Liberty obverse that was previously used on all the Half Dollar coins produced between 1916 to 1947. This coin features a full-length Lady Liberty who’s walking with an American flag draped over her shoulder. There is also a rising sun, and Liberty is carrying a branch. The obverse was designed by Adolf A. Weinman, a famous mint engraver and sculpture.

The word ‘LIBERTY’ is engraved on the top face of the coin, with the motto ‘In God We Trust’ behind liberty’s legs. The year the coin was produced is at the base of the coin. 

The coin's reverse features a heraldic eagle and was designed by John Mercanti. The design symbolizes America's freedom as well as peace and pride. It has an eagle and shield, as well as thirteen stars that represent America's original colonies. The Latin phrase ‘E Pluribus Unum’ is incorporated into the shield and means ‘Out of Many, One.’

There are plans to change the Silver Eagle design in 2021. It’s thought that the 2020 coin will be popular and highly collected as it will be the last coin minted with the heraldic eagle design. 

The Regan government commissioned the Silver Eagle coin as a way to reduce the silver stockpile. Silver was sold off to minimize the impact silver-stock prices had on American silver producers. The coin has become very popular over the years, and the mints have even struggled to meet demand for the coins in some years. In 2013 the mints had to rationed supplies of the currency for eighteen months.

Silver Eagle Mintage

Three mints have struck the silver eagle coin. It was first minted at the Philadelphia Mint and, in later years, was produced at the San Francisco and West Point Mints. These coins are struck in three forms. They are either bullion coins, proofs, or uncirculated. Each coin has a mintmark on the reverse with the letter 'P,' 'S,' or 'W' to show where they were made. Bullion coins have no such mark.

Silver Eagle Value

The Silver Eagles' value depends on the year of issue, with the 1999 coin being the most valuable and highly sought after. The Philadelphia mint produced 7.5 million silver eagles in 1999 as uncirculated coins. This was the largest amount since the launch of the coin in 1986. Although a high number of coins were minted, the 1999 coin is highly collectible and valuable because very few survived in higher grades. 

Many coin enthusiasts consider the silver eagle to be America's most beautiful coin. It’s is also an iconic coin that is highly recognizable by much of the population. The coins value depends on their condition and whether they are bullion, proofs, or uncirculated coins. Proofs are generally worth more then uncirculated coins. 

Coins that are graded as 70 are the most valuable. The most popular dates are 1986, 1994, 1995-W, 1999, 1996, 2019-S. The Silver Eagle coins' value can range from between $30 for an uncirculated bullion coin to a staggering $20,000 or more for a 1995-W Anniversary coin in perfect grade 70.

American Silver Eagle For Sale

Bullion shark sells a variety of different versions of the silver eagle coins. We offer coins minted in all years from 1986 to 2020. You can choose from proof, bullion, mint state, uncirculated, burnished, enhanced finished, and reverse proofs. We also set various sets if you wish to purchase the coins in bulk from multiple years. We can provide these American Silver Eagles certified and uncertified.  

Silver eagle coins can be bought either individually or in larger amounts. There are also several 'Special edition' coins that were produced to celebrate the mints anniversaries. These coins are highly prized by collectors worldwide.


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American Silver Eagle FAQ 

A Silver Eagle is a one-ounce bullion coin issued by the United States Mint since 1986. It contains one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver and carries a nominal face value of one dollar. The Silver Eagle is highly sought after by both collectors and investors for its silver content and beautiful design.

Silver Eagles are popular among collectors due to their beautiful design, featuring Adolph A. Weinman's iconic Walking Liberty on the obverse and John Mercanti's heraldic eagle on the reverse. Their purity, reliability, and the backing of the US government also contribute to their popularity.

Yes, Silver Eagles can be used as legal tender at their face value of one dollar. However, their market value based on the current silver price is much higher, making it impractical to use them as regular currency.

There are three main types of Silver Eagles available: bullion, proof, and uncirculated. Bullion Silver Eagles are intended for investors and are valued for their silver content. Proof Silver Eagles, with their mirror-like finish, are targeted at collectors. Uncirculated Silver Eagles are specially minted for collectors and have a matte-like finish.

Authenticating a Silver Eagle involves checking its weight, diameter, thickness, and appearance. Genuine Silver Eagles weigh exactly one troy ounce, have a diameter of 40.6 mm, and a thickness of 2.98 mm for bullion and 3.1 mm for proof coins. Detailed examination of the coin's design and edge can also help verify its authenticity.

The 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle is one of the most valuable Silver Eagles, especially in perfect condition. It was part of a special set and has a relatively low mintage, making it highly sought after by collectors.

The value of Silver Eagles is closely tied to the price of silver. As the price of silver goes up, the market value of Silver Eagles typically increases, and vice versa. However, collector editions like proof or special mintages may carry a premium above the silver content value.

Silver Eagles can be purchased from reputable coin dealers, precious metals dealers, online marketplaces, and directly from the United States Mint during certain release periods. It's important to buy from reputable sources to ensure authenticity.

Yes, counterfeit Silver Eagles do exist. It's crucial to purchase Silver Eagles from reputable dealers and consider professional grading and authentication for higher-value coins to ensure authenticity.

Silver Eagles should be stored in a cool, dry place, ideally in protective coin holders, tubes, or cases designed for coin storage. This protects the coins from environmental damage, handling, and potential tarnishing, preserving their value and condition.