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Kennedy Half Dollars are one of the most iconic and cherished coins in American numismatics. Introduced in 1964, shortly after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, these coins were created as a memorial to the fallen president and have since captured the hearts of both the public and collectors alike.

Kennedy Half Dollars Design

The obverse of the Kennedy Half Dollar features a portrait of President John F. Kennedy, designed by Chief Engraver Gilroy Roberts. This design was based on a presidential medal that Roberts had previously sculpted, which added to the speed with which the new coin could be released. The reverse, designed by Frank Gasparro, displays the Presidential Coat of Arms, an adaptation of the Great Seal of the United States. The Kennedy Half Dollar's design elements reflect both a tribute to President Kennedy and the national pride of the United States.

Kennedy Half Dollars were first struck in 1964 and were originally composed of 90% silver, making these early issues particularly sought after for both their numismatic value. In 1965, due to rising silver prices, the composition was changed to 40% silver, and by 1971, the coins were produced in a copper-nickel clad, mirroring the composition change across other U.S. coin denominations. Special collector's issues, including proof and silver proof versions, are minted annually and continue to be popular among collectors.

Collectibility and Key Dates The Kennedy Half Dollar is celebrated for its rich historical context and enduring popularity. Collectors often seek the 1964 issue for its higher silver content and its status as the inaugural minting. Other notable collectibles include the 1970-D, the last of the 40% silver coins distributed through the Federal Reserve, and various commemorative issues like the 50th-anniversary coins minted in 2014, which include a gold proof version.

Numismatic Value While Kennedy Half Dollars are accessible to collectors of all levels, the silver content in the early years and the special issues provide an added investment appeal. The series also offers a wide range of varieties and errors, such as double dies and accented hair proofs, which are of particular interest to variety specialists and those looking for a more niche collecting experience.