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40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollar Roll Brilliant Uncirculated - BU (20 Coins)

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Product Description

Silver Kennedy Half Dollar - 20 Coin Roll

The Kennedy Half Dollar was first minted in 1964 to honor President John F. Kennedy after he was assassinated in November, 1963. 


Kennedy half dollars were minted with 40% silver during the period of 1965-1970. Only collector versions of coins are minted with silver now. The first John F. Kennedy half dollars were minted in 1964 with 90% silver. The US mint eliminated the silver standard for circulating coins in 1965.

Only collector versions of coins are minted with silver now. Silver was not abandoned all at once, so the change was gradual. Kennedy half dollars were clad, or minted without any silver, from 1971 onward.

Coin Specifications

The obverse face of silver Kennedy Half Dollars features a left-profile image of President John F. Kennedy designed by Gilroy Roberts in the early 1960s. Roberts was an engraver-artist for the United States Mint.

A modernized image of the Presidential Seal appears on the reverse face. It includes a ring of 50 stars surrounding a bald eagle bearing a heraldic shield on its chest. One of the eagle's talons holds an olive branch while the other grasps arrows to symbolize peace and strength. 

Each coin in the roll is 2.15mm thick with a diameter of 30.6mm. The half dollar pieces weigh 0.295 Troy ounce each and possess reeded edges.

Kennedy Half Dollar Value

The face value of each coin is 50 cents, which makes the roll worth $10.00. Intrinsic value varies based on the price of silver, although rolls of half dollars typically exceed their melt value. Numismatic value is influenced by several factors.

This roll of coins is in brilliant, uncirculated condition, and Kennedy Half Dollars minted between 1965 and 1970 were the last to contain 40% silver. Silver Kennedy Half Dollars never circulated well. People hoarded the coins for their silver content and tribute to President Kennedy, so these half dollars are a prized collector's item.