1955 Franklin Half Dollar BU - Bugs Bunny Variety

1955 Franklin Half Dollar BU - Bugs Bunny Variety

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Buy 1955 Franklin Half Dollar Bugs Bunny Variety Online!


Error coins are some of the most interesting pieces to add to your collection. This "Bugs Bunny" Franklin is one of the most popular varieties in the Franklin series. Each of these unique half dollars remain in brilliant uncirculated condition, meaning they are all capable of grading MS60 or higher! Order these rare 90% silver Bugs Bunny Franklins online from Bullion Shark! 


This variety is the result of a die clash, which happens when the obverse and reverse dies strike each other without a planchet in between them. When this occurs, some of the design elements are transferred between one die to the other. Any coins struck after the dies clashed will show the transferred image. In this case, the eagle's wing on the reverse left a clash mark that makes Franklin appear to have Bugs Bunny's teeth! 


This exceptional Franklin Half Dollar variety is the perfect addition to your collection. With just 2,498,181 coins minted, 1955 is the lowest mintage year in the series and just a fraction of the coins have this special error! These Bugs Bunny Franklin half dollars are a favorite amongst collectors and are sure to be a conversation starter. Add these unique pieces to your collection today!


Why Collect 1955 Bugs Bunny Franklin Half Dollars?


  1. These are 90% silver half dollars.
  2. Lowest mintage year of the Franklin half dollar series.
  3. Very popular and rare “Bugs Bunny” error. 
  4. These are in brilliant uncirculated condition, meaning they would grade MS60 or higher.
  5. Finding these error coins in pristine condition is very rare.


1955 Franklin Half Dollar Bugs Bunny Variety Coin Details:


Designer: John R. Sinnock/John Frederick Lewis

Edge: Reeded

Diameter: 30.00 millimeters

Weight: 12.50 grams

Mintage: 2,498,181

Mint: Philadelphia

Metal: 90% Silver, 10% Copper


History and Value: The 1955 Franklin Half Dollar "Bugs Bunny" variety is a coin highly sought after by collectors due to its unique error featured on the face of the coin. The term "Bugs Bunny" refers to a characteristic feature on some of these coins where Franklin’s teeth appear to have a raised area, resembling the teeth of the famous cartoon character Bugs Bunny. This is caused by a die clash during the minting process, where the obverse and reverse dies came into contact without a coin blank between them, leaving an impression of the reverse on the obverse die.


The "Bugs Bunny" variety’s value varies depending on its condition, with coins showing a strong error effect typically commanding higher prices among collectors. As always with collectible coins, it's essential to have them authenticated and graded by a reputable coin grading service to determine their value accurately.


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1955 Franklin Half Dollar BU - Bugs Bunny Variety FAQ

The 1955 Franklin Half Dollar Bugs Bunny variety is a die clash error where the impression from the eagle’s wing on the reverse mistakenly creates a visual effect that makes it appear as if Benjamin Franklin has prominent, protruding teeth.

This variety got its nickname "Bugs Bunny" because the die clash marks on Franklin’s mouth resemble the iconic cartoon character's buck teeth, making it a memorable and humorous error.

The Bugs Bunny variety is considered rare, especially in pristine condition and is a popular collectible among those who appreciate mint errors and varieties. It’s particularly sought after due to its distinctive and eye-catching appearance. 

The value of the 1955 Franklin Half Dollar Bugs Bunny variety can vary based on its condition and the market demand. Typically, prices range from around $40 for lower-grade examples to several hundred dollars for high-grade specimens, especially those certified by reputable grading services.

To identify this variety, examine Franklin's upper lip on the coin. Look for the distinctive "buck teeth" or incuse lines on Benjamin Franklin's cheek, just below his eye. These lines resemble the teeth of Bugs Bunny and are a clear indication of the variety.
 A magnifying tool may help to see the details more clearly.

Yes, the Bugs Bunny variety generally adds to the coin's value due to its uniqueness and popularity among collectors of error coins. The more distinct the error, the higher the potential value, especially among collectors who specialize in varieties and errors.

Yes, there are several other varieties and errors within the Franklin Half Dollar series that collectors might find interesting, such as the 1956 Type 2 reverse, doubled die obverse, and repunched mint marks. Each variety has its unique features and potential value to collectors.

Yes, die clash errors can occur on various coins and denominations. Some examples include the 1937-D Buffalo Nickel with a "Three-Legged Buffalo" and the 1942/1 Mercury Dime.

The Bugs Bunny Variety is considered a mint error, specifically a die clash error, resulting from the clash of the obverse and reverse dies during the minting process.

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