1902-O Morgan Silver Dollar BU

1902-O Morgan Silver Dollar BU

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It has been 118 years since the 1902-O Morgan Silver Dollars were produced with a mintage of 8,636,000. This amount is higher than the 1902 Morgan Silver Dollars produced at the other mints such as Philadelphia and San Francisco, with 7,994,000 and 1,530,000 respectively. The Morgan Silver Dollar was the best of George T. Morgan’s seven total designs made during his career, which he began as an assistant in the U.S. Mint and later became the chief engraver in the U.S. Mint. What shocked many at the time was the fact that Anna Williams, a non-famous school teacher was chosen to model for Lady Liberty’s design. The numismatic community agrees that the beauty of the coin is undeniable, something that is rarely seen and cannot be easily paralleled by other coins, which is exactly why most, if not all, of the coins from the series have significant numismatic value attached to them, alongside the precious metal content that is priced into each coin. Bullion Shark is selling the brilliant uncirculated 1902-O Morgan Silver Dollar to clients over the phone (516-739-5822) and online directly from its website for only $68. Our coin is approximately $100 cheaper than the MS 65 1902-O Morgan Silver Dollar which has an estimated value of $160. 

Product Specifications

Coin Type: Morgan Silver Dollar

FaceValue: $1USD

Composition: 90% silver; 10% copper

Date: 1902

Mint: New Orleans

Purity: 90%

Precious Metal Content: .7734 oz pure silver

2 Reviews