1904-P Morgan Silver Dollar BU

1904-P Morgan Silver Dollar BU

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Although popular at the time, nobody in 1878 could have expected the modern day numismatic community would be enamored with the Morgan Silver Dollar series to the extent that it is. George. T Morgan’s design of the coin aged like fine wine, while appreciated at the time, it seems to only gain more popularity and admiration from the numismatic community world wide, especially in its birthplace of America. In 1904, fear struck as it was announced that the series would no longer be able to continue due to a severe silver shortage that was disrupting further production. This is yet another reason as to why the 1904-P Morgan Silver Dollar is special, along with its mintage of 2,788,000. Fortunately the series was able to extend into 1921 when the silver shortage issue was resolved via the Pittman Act which was passed in 1918 after our victory in the World War. The 1904-P Morgan Silver Dollar in brilliant uncirculated condition is now available for purchase online from our website or over the phone (516-739-5822) for only $196. This deal is incredible, especially when you consider the fact that this very coin in MS65 condition is worth an estimated $1,850! This coin can be a part of your physical collection within a week of contacting us!

Product Specifications

Coin Type: Morgan Silver Dollar

FaceValue: $1USD

Composition: 90% silver; 10% copper

Date: 1904

Mint: Philadelphia

Purity: 90%

Precious Metal Content: .7734 oz pure silver