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1881-O Morgan Silver Dollar Brilliant - BU

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Minted from 1878-1904, and once again in 1921, Morgan Silver Dollars are considered to be George T Morgan’s best design. The 1881-O Morgan Silver Dollar is no exception to the pure beauty of the Morgan Silver Dollar. Due to shortages of silver during World Wars I and II, the United States had to temporarily halt the production of Morgan Silver Dollars. 

Lady Liberty surrounded by 13 stars, which represent the original 13 US colonies, is featured on the front (obverse) side of the coin. A Courageous American Bald Eagle firmly clutching arrows and an olive branch in its talons, is featured on the back (reverse) side of the coin. The New Orleans Mint produced Morgan Silver Dollars are typically uncommon, so they will on average have a higher price point compared to Philadelphia Morgan Silver Dollars due to the lower mintage. The sheer beauty of Morgan Silver Dollars is the main reason why collectors and investors almost always consider Morgan Silver Dollars to be one of their favorite coins.

This 1881-O Morgan Silver Dollar is in stunning brilliant uncirculated. Prior to the Morgan Silver Dollar series was the Seated Liberty Dollar series, and after was the Peace Silver Dollar Series.

The New Orleans Mint struck this coin, whereas Philadelphia, San Francisco, Denver, and Carson City were the other 4 mints that produced Morgan Silver Dollars. New Orleans minted Morgan Silver Dollars often have lower original mintages than Philadelphias, making them harder to find and pricier. Although 5,708,000 1881-O Morgan Silver Dollars were struck, not nearly as many were left because many were melted down.

This 1881 New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar is the fourth year of issue for the series. This third year of issue for the Morgan Dollar series is now 139 years old. The precious metal content of this 1881-O Morgan Silver Dollar is 90% silver, 10% copper, containing over 3/4th an oz of pure troy silver. This coin also has $1 USD face value, a diameter of 38.1 mm, and weighs 26.73 grams.

The 2020 Red Book values a MS65 1881-O Morgan Silver Dollar at $925. We are currently offering that same Morgan Silver Dollar, but in brilliant uncirculated condition, for just $68. This means you could buy 10 of these coins and still manage to save hundreds of dollars that you otherwise pay for a MS65. The 1881-O Morgan Silver Dollars are available today. Make sure to place your order while supplies last!

Collecting a Morgan Silver Dollar set can sometimes seem a daunting task, but you don’t have to let it be. Feel free to contact any expert from the Bullion Shark team via our online live chat system or give us a call (516-739-5822) at any time and we will do our best to respond within 24 hours, often much quicker. Our website is a great way to stay informed and potentially learn even more about a beautiful coin with so much history behind it. Check out our blog that has many amazing articles to educate you on coin collecting.


Product Specifications

Date: 1881

Mint: New Orleans

Precious Metal: Silver

Purity: 90% 

Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated

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