Penny History


At Bullion Shark, we carry every type of penny made in the United States. Every series of pennies have their own qualities, key dates, and designs that make them different from each other. Some of the pennies even hold different face values, however most of the cents have a face value of one cent. The odd one out is the Two Cent penny, you guessed it, that one has a face value of two cents! 

All of our one cent coins have attributes that make them valuable in their own right, but none of them have anything to do with their precious metal content. None of the cent coins have any silver or gold content, which makes a lot of sense because none of them had a face value over two cents. Most of the cents value comes from age and rarity. For instance, the original large cent is over 200 years old. Many collectors love holding history in their hands!

The one cent coins minted at the U.S. mint go back a long way, all the way back to 1793 when the first penny was minted. The Large cent, as you can imagine was the largest cent. Then came the Flying Eagle Penny, which was minted for a very short amount of time. After that came the Indian Head penny, that coin was loved by all during circulation and is loved by collectors today! Thereafter was the Two Cent penny, the only penny to have a face value of two cents. Finally came the Lincoln cent which is still being used today.  

The cents that we offer and the years they were minted are the following:

Large Cents: 1793-1857

Flying Eagle Penny: 1856-1858

Indian Head Penny: 1859-1909

Two Cent Penny: 1864-1873

Lincoln Penny: 1909-Present (Including the wheat penny).