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Dime History

Dimes are ten-cent coins that the U.S. Mint has been producing since 1796 when they minted the first dime, the Bust dime.  There are five kinds of U.S. dimes. They are all different in their own way, but they all hold the same face value of ten cents. All dimes prior to 1965 had 90% silver in them. 

As stated earlier the first dime was the Bust dime, it was first minted in 1796. Then in 1837, the Seated Liberty dime replaced it. The Seated Liberty Dime was loved because of its full-body design. Following the Seated Liberty dime was the Barber dime, that dime was part of the Barber coinage series. Thereafter, the Mercury dime replaced the Barber dime. The final dime that has been released to date is the Roosevelt dime. This dime is our current dime in circulation and the only U.S. dime to minted with and without silver content. After 1964 dimes no longer had any silver. 

All the dimes we offer and their dates minted are the following:

Bust dime: 1796-1839

Seated Liberty dime: 1897-1891

Barber dime: 1892-1916

Mercury dime: 1916-1945

Roosevelt dime: 1946-1964