2015-W Burnished Silver Eagle PCGS SP70

2015-W Burnished Silver Eagle PCGS SP70

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2015 Burnished Silver Eagle

The American Silver Eagle Program was developed in 1986 as a way to make extra money for the federal government. Before this date, it was considered unlawful to own gold and silver bullion. In 1986 Congress passed a law that allowed the National Stockpile of silver to be used to create an official bullion coin for America. The Silver Eagle was designed to compete with the bullion coins from other countries, and two versions of the coin were initially available; the bullion and proof. 

In 2006 a burnished version of the coin was created to mark the Silver Eagle Program's twentieth anniversary. Burnished coins proved to be very popular with collectors and have been minted annually ever since, except in 2009 and 2010, when no burnished coins were minted for economic reasons. 

Burnished silver eagles are minted in the same way as the proof version of the coins. They are struck multiple times under high pressure. The burnished version of the coins is minted using a special blank that has been sandblasted and is only handled by employees wearing white gloves. This helps to prevent tarnish caused by the oil on human skin. 

Silver Eagle Coins Design  

The burnished silver eagle coin features the walking liberty design on the obverse side. It was created by Adolph A. Weinman and depicts Lady Liberty walking towards a new day; this represents a brighter future for America.

The coins reverse was designed by John Mercanti and has a heraldic eagle and shield. Each coin has a ‘W’ mint mark on the reverse to indicate that it was struck at the west point mint. 

American Silver Eagle Value

In 2015, 223,879 burnished silver eagles were minted, making them rare and collectible. The 2015W burnished silver eagle is a great coin to add to your collection and is worth approximately $190.

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