1946-P Walking Liberty Half Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated - BU

1946-P Walking Liberty Half Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated - BU

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1946 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Description

The walking liberty half dollar is a beautiful coin that features a bald eagle on the reverse and Lady Liberty on the obverse. Liberty is carrying a branch, and the united states flag over her shoulder. There is also a sun and the motto ‘In God we trust.’ 

The walking liberty coin was produced between 1916 to 1947, with the 1946 version being one of the last coins in the collection minted. These coins are rare in brilliant uncirculated condition and appeal to collectors worldwide. The Walking Liberty silver half dollar was designed by Adolph Weinman and produced using 90% silver, with the remaining 10% made from copper. These coins have a diameter of 30.63mm and weigh 12.50 grams.

1946 walking liberty half dollar history

The walking liberty half dollar was designed initially in 1916 to replace the Barber half dollar design. The coin was minted until 1947, making it one of America's longest-lived half dollar coins ever made. These coins were used throughout two world wars, as well as America's greatest financial collapse. 

The liberty silver half dollar has become an iconic coin which was designed to promote peace and prosperity throughout America. 


This coin was minted at the Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco mints in a relatively large quantity. A total of 12,118,000 were minted  at the Philadelphia mint. 

Many coins that were produced in Philadelphia in 1946 have a double reverse. This was a common error, but it’s unknown exactly how many coins were affected. The doubling is clear enough to be seen without a magnifying glass. 

Walking Liberty half dollar value

The 1946 walking liberty silver half dollar was highly collectible at the time of circulation, and many of them have survived in uncirculated condition. Uncirculated half dollar coins are still in higher demand from coin collectors worldwide. They are also sought after by investors. 

Coins graded at MS-60 have a lower value with MS-65 coins being a premium grade that sells for higher prices. An MS-65 example of a 1946 Liberty Half Dollar sold at auction for $2,450!