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1926-D Peace Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated - BU

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The 1926-D Peace Dollar is one of the more scarce and lower mintage Peace Dollars in the series. The total mintage ended up as only 2,348,700 coins. When comparing this with the 1926-P Peace Dollar, its is about double the mintage. A 1926-D Peace Dollar in a nice brilliant uncirculated condition can easily run you around $130-$150. However, a higher end mint state quality coin can run you upwards of $10,000.

The original design of the Peace Dollar was created by Anthony D. Francisci. He was commissioned by the United States Commission For Fine Arts to design a silver dollar that would celebrate peace after the world war had ended. As a result, Anthony designed the obverse of the Peace Dollar to feature a goddess of liberty with the word "liberty" inscribed above. The reverse of the coin featured a fierce standing eagle that can be seen grasping a olive branch, further symbolizing peace. 

All the Peace Dollars ever minted are composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. To be exact, each coin has .7734 ounces of pure silver content. The Peace Dollar was the last of the silver dollars to be minted for circulation and in 90% silver. After 1935 the silver dollars minted were 40% silver and then eventually all clad, or contain no silver. Prior to the Peace Dollar coins such as the Morgan Silver Dollar, Trade Dollars, Seated Liberty Dollars, and everything prior.