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1927-D Peace Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated - BU

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Originally designed by Anthony D. Francisci, the 1927-D Peace Dollar is a true masterpiece. Right after the world war, Anthony D. Francisci was commissioned by the United States Commission for Fine Arts to design a silver dollar to replace the Morgan Silver Dollar and symbolize peace because the war had just ended. Out of eight artists Anthony was chosen. To symbolize peace Anthony made the obverse of the coin lady liberty featured as a goddess. Above lady liberty's head was the word "liberty". On the reverse of the coin, Anthony placed a bald eagle which can be seen holding a olive branch in its talons, the ultimate sign of peace.

The 1927-D Peace Dollar had a relatively low mintage of only 1,268,900 coins minted. This is actually however the highest mintage among the three peace dollars produced that year. Both the 1927-P Peace Dollar as well as the 1927-S Peace Dollar had slightly lower mintages. A stunning brilliant uncirculated condition 1927-D Peace Dollar can currently be found for around $300. However, in a gem mint state condition this coin can run thousand upon thousands. 

When collecting the Peace Silver Dollars, collectors should know that each coin is composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. This equates to .7734 ounces of pure silver per coin. Furthermore, the Peace Dollar has the same diameter of 38.1m, weight 26.73 grams, and reeded edge just as the Morgan Silver Dollar does. As most don't know, the Peace Dollar was the last silver dollar used in circulation that was composed of 90% silver. After the Peace Dollar series had ended, the Eisenhower Dollar series had only 40% silver and then eventually no silver at all.