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1916-1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollar XF/AU (Roll of 20)

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Product Description

1916-1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Almost Uncirculated Coins (Roll of 20)

Offered here are 20 uncirculated Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU coins offered at wholesale pricing. Walking Liberty coins are among the most popularly collected U.S. coins and are prized for their beauty and detailed artistry. The U.S. Mint produced them from 1916 and 1947. Each coin is made from 90% silver and 10% copper.


These Walking Liberty coins are in almost uncirculated condition. This collection represents coins from different years, so their mintage differs as well. Collectors will note the lustrous finish of these coins as well as their exceptionally wrought designs.

History and Description

Walking Liberty Half Dollar coins were designed by the German-American sculptor and engraver Adolphe A. Weinman. Each coin has a reeded edge and weight of 12.50g. Each coin also has a diameter of 30.00mm and has a composition of 90% silver / 10% copper. 

The obverse sides of these coins features a full length view of Liberty with her flowing hair and gown. She has her arm outstretched toward the sunlit horizon. In her other arm are full branches of oak and laurel, which are symbols of American civil and military glories. Above her head is the word ‘Liberty.’ Below her is the year the coins have been minted. The obverse side of these coins shows the motto ‘In God We Trust.’

The coins’ reverse sides depict a bold American eagle. It is perched atop its mountain home with its wings outstretched. A small pine sapling grows from the perch. Engraved above the eagle are the words ‘United States of America.’ The coin’s denomination, ‘half dollar,’ appears beneath the eagle.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value

Walking Liberty coins have a face value of fifty cents. However, each is worth more in silver and has even more worth to their collectors. With their almost uncirculated condition, these coins are especially sought after by collectors.