$1, $2, $5 Silver, Red & Blue Seal Note - 3pc Collection

$1, $2, $5 Silver, Red & Blue Seal Note - 3pc Collection

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The dollar has had many forms throughout the brief centuries that the United States of America has existed. The varying designs, colors, sizes, and denominations have made each era distinct and fun to collect. Now is your chance to collect a set of obsolete US currency!

This trio of notes includes a $2 note with a red seal, and a $1 and $5 blue seal silver certificate! All notes are dated in the 1950s, and show a snippet of what that time period in US numismatic history. The 1953 Red Seal $2 notes were the last to be issued without the "in God We Trust" motto, and during the changeover the notes were destroyed when they were redeemed! The 1953 series was also the first year to have the seal on the right side of Jefferson's portrait. The $1 and $5 silver certificates in this set are special relics from when currency was still backed by the silver standard. These notes could be redeemed for their face value in silver dollar coins or bullion at any time! However in the early 1960s this program was discontinued once the dollar was no longer backed by the silver standard, and the notes could then only be used as normal legal tender. 

This trio $1, $2, $5 Silver, Red & Blue Seal Notes is a fun set to have in any collection. Compare and contrast the $2 note to the silver certificates, and these vintage notes to the modern bills in your wallet! You won't regret adding this fun and affordable set to your collection.


  • 1950s dated
  • Circulated condition
  • $2 note and $1 & $5 silver certificates
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